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Max Misch biography: 13 things about Bennington, Vermont man

Max Misch (©Vermont State Police)
Max Misch (©Vermont State Police)

Max Misch is a white man from Vermont, United States. A self-described white nationalist, he considers himself as Vermont’s most persecuted free speech activist.

Misch is against miscegenation or mixture of races. Here are 13 more things about him:


  1. He lives in Bennington, Vermont. (a)
  2. He is Lisa Shapiro‘s former husband. (b) (c)
  3. In 2016, he and others connected to him started harassing Ruqaiyah Khadijah “Kiah” Morris online and at public events. Morris was the only African-American woman serving in the Vermont House of Representatives at the time. (d) (e)
  4. In October 2018, Shapiro disclosed to her therapist that she had concerns about him because he was purchasing weapons and large capacity magazines and stockpiling ammunition. She also shared her knowledge of his white supremacist and neo-Nazi affiliations to the therapist, who then reported the information to law enforcement. (c)
  5. On December 1, 2018, he and Shapiro visited a Runnings department store in Hillsdale, New Hampshire, USA where he bought two 30-round ammunition magazines. (c)
  6. Wearing a shirt displaying the Pepe the Frog cartoon face, he appeared at a media conference in Bennington in January 2019 concerning Morris’s multiple complaints of online harassment and threats. In the same month, Shapiro told a detective that he had recently purchased an assault rifle in Vermont. (c) (d)
  7. On February 6, 2019, he was arrested and charged with two counts of a firearms statute provision banning possession of high-capacity rifle magazines. He was released on conditions that prohibited him from contacting Shapiro and from leaving Bennington County without the court’s permission. Shapiro accused him of calling her in July 2019. On August 10, 2019, he was photographed and filmed at a restaurant in Hoosick Falls, New York, USA. (b) (d)
  8. Wearing an American flag tie and an Iraq War veteran cap, he appeared in Bennington County Superior Court on August 19, 2019 to answer new accusations of violating conditions of his release. He pleaded not guilty to two counts of violating conditions of his release. (c)
  9. In October 2020, he pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor hate crime charge in Bennington. (a)
  10. On March 17, 2021, Bank of Bennington president and chief executive officer James Brown sent him a letter to notify him that his account would be terminated as of April 16, 2021 due to his white supremacy views and any remaining funds would be sent to him at that time. (d)
  11. On May 28, 2021, he was assigned a violation complaint. On May 29, 2021, the Vermont State Police arrested him for violating the conditions of his release. (a)
  12. He was 38 years old when he was arrested on May 29, 2021. (a)
  13. On June 1, 2021, he will be arraigned at the criminal division of Vermont Superior Court. (a)



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