Aiden Leos shot by Costa Mesa, California’s Marcus Anthony Eriz, Wynne Lee?

Marcus Anthony Eriz (©Orange County District Attorney)
Marcus Anthony Eriz (©Orange County District Attorney)

Marcus Anthony Eriz, 24, and Wynne Lee, 23, who are both residents of Costa Mesa, Orange County, California, United States, have been arrested. They are expected to be charged with murder, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Eriz and Lee were named as the suspects believed responsible for the fatal shooting of Joanna Cloonan‘s son Aiden Anthony Leos, 6. On May 21, 2021, Cloonan was driving a silver Chevrolet Sonic while Leos was seated in the rear passenger area.

That day, Cloonan and Leos were on their way to the boy’s school in Yorba Linda, Orange County. They were not able to reach the school because they were involved in a road rage accident over a perceived unsafe lane change.

Wynne Lee (©Orange County District Attorney)
Wynne Lee (©Orange County District Attorney)


According to Cloonan, a white Volkswagen station wagon cut her off abruptly while she was in the carpool lane. Eriz and Lee are believed to be the occupants of the Volkswagen and one of them allegedly fired at least one round from a pistol into the Chevrolet Sonic’s rear, which hit Leos.

“They took my son’s life away,” Cloonan told ABC News. “He was beautiful and he was kind and he was precious and you killed him for no reason and I want to find them and I want there to be justice to be served for my son.”



Eriz is Lee’s boyfriend. They live in the same house in Costa Mesa.

A $500,000 reward was offered for information leading to the arrest of the suspect or suspects who fatally shot Leos. On June 6, 2021, Eriz and Lee were arrested outside their home.

“On behalf of Border Division Chief Omar Watson and the Santa Ana Area, we are deeply grateful for the professionalism and tireless commitment of our investigators who have worked on this case from day one to find those responsible for Aiden’s death,” California Highway Patrol commissioner Amanda Ray said in a statement obtained by Associated Press. “The Department has been in regular contact with the victim’s family and I assure you they, like us, are committed to seeing justice served.”

Both Eriz and Lee are being held in an Orange County jail. Their bonds are set at $1 million bail each.

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  1. Marcus Ariz is looking at a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG difficult time in prison. He will be looked down upon by other inmates for being a child killer and will receive the same treatments child molesters and rapists receive. Aiden will be avenged, no worries!


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