Jepsy Amaga Kallungi biography: 13 things about Dane Kallungi’s wife from Cebu, Philippines

Jepsy Amaga Kallungi was a Filipino woman. She was married to Dane Oliver Kallungi of Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States.

Jepsy and Dane met online. Here are 13 more things about her:

  1. She is Margie Amaga‘s daughter. Margie, who is a widow, lives and works in Hong Kong. (a) (b)
  2. She has five siblings. (b)
  3. She is originally from Carmen, Cebu, Philippines. (c) (d)
  4. From 2009 to 2014, she attended Colegio de San Antonio de Padua in Danao, Cebu where she studied information system. (d)
  5. On June 24, 2014, she tweeted, “Girls are like phones. We love to be held and talked to, but if you press the wrong button you’ll be disconnected.” (c)
  6. In 2017, she moved from the Philippines to the U.S. On July 20, 2017, she and Dane got married. They lived in Colorado Springs. (a) (d) (e)
  7. In 2018, she met Rhanae Ramos in Chicago, Illinois, USA. They became friends. Her relationship with Dane was toxic, according to her friend Ramos. (d) (f) (g)
  8. On October 19, 2018, she and Dane filed for divorce. (e)
  9. Since March 20, 2019, she has not been seen or heard from, according to Margie. (g)
  10. She was 24 years old when she went missing in March 2019. (h)
  11. She is 12 years younger than Dane. (i)
  12. On April 4, 2019, Dane told Rhanae that she had left Colorado to go visit friends in either Chicago or the Philippines. Rhanae called the Colorado Springs Police Department to ask the officers to check her welfare. They were unable to contact her so they conducted a preliminary investigation and initiated a missing person case report. (b) (f) (j)
  13. On June 17, 2021, Dane was arrested in New Mexico, USA for her murder. (k)



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