Allison Mack biography: 13 things about ‘Smallville’ actress born in Preetz, Germany

Allison Christin Mack is a Hollywood actress born in Preetz, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany to American parents Jonathan Mack and Mindy Mack. An opera singer, Jonathan performed in Germany from 1982 to 1984.

Allison is 5’5″ tall. Here are 13 more things about her:

  1. She was 2 years old when she and her parents moved from Germany to California, United States.
  2. In 1989, she made her professional acting debut by appearing in the films “Police Academy 6: City Under Siege” and “I Know My First Name is Steven.”
  3. From 2001 to 2011, she played Chloe Sullivan in “Smallville.”
  4. In 2006, she voiced Clea in “The Batman” and Tiffany Nickle in “The Ant Bully.”
  5. In 2009, she voiced Power Girl in “Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.” She also voiced Evelyn in “Lost in Oz” in 2017.
  6. In 2010, she and her “Smallville” co-star Kristin Kreuk were recruited to the sex cult NXIVM‘s chapter in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She went on to become second-in-command of the cult after its founder Keith Raniere. She recruited other women into Dominus Obsequious Sororium (DOS), an enclave within NXIVM.
  7. In 2011, she starred opposite Ryan Robbins in “Marilyn,” a romantic crime drama film upon the true story of bank robber Paddy Mitchell.
  8. From 2012 to 2014, she played Amanda in “Wilfred.”
  9. In 2015, she played Hilary in “The Following” and Julia in “American Odyssey.”
  10. In February 2017, she and Nicki Clyne got married. On December 11, 2020, she filed for divorce. The marriage was allegedly a sham to get around U.S. immigration law.
  11. On April 20, 2018, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents arrested her in Brooklyn, New York, USA on charges of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy. On April 24, 2018, she was released on a $5 million bond and held under house arrest under the custody of her parents in California.
  12. On April 8, 2019, she pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy and racketeering charges.
  13. On June 30, 2021, she was sentenced to three years in prison at the Jack B. Weinstein Ceremonial Courtroom in Brooklyn. She was also required to pay a $20,000 fine and have 3 years of supervised release after serving her prison term.

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