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Low testosterone, men’s health and sexual appetite


Testosterone is one of the most important male hormones. Low testosterone can affect a man’s ability to have children.

During puberty, testosterone starts really hitting a male’s endocrine system as his testicles begin to secrete the hormone. He will have his highest levels between the ages of 15-30 on average.

Estrogen is crucial for women’s health and so is testosterone for men’s health. Testosterone helps to maintain men’s bone density and keep muscle mass healthy and strong. It also helps to regulate both red blood cell production and fat distribution.

It is more common for older men to suffer from low testosterone but men of all ages, sizes and races can have it. This can be seen in the advent of the so-called soy boys or young men who underproduce testosterone and consume too many estrogen-boosting foods and beverages.

Among the common signs and symptoms of low testosterone are low sex drive, low energy, erectile dysfunction, decrease in muscle mass strength and increased abdominal fat. Men who are experiencing these should consult a doctor as soon as possible.


Among the causes of low testosterone are poor diet, medications, excessive weight and underlying health conditions such as problems with his pituitary gland. Improvements will appear quickly after treating underlying health issues, starting up a new workout routine and changing the diet.

It may take some extra help to get his testosterone back on track. Among the common treatments is testosterone replacement therapy in the form of injections given once a week or once every two weeks, patches and gels although treating low testosterone will not be a cure-all especially if a man’s lack of interest in sex is more a mental or emotional thing.

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