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5 most beautiful Miss Supranational Finland 2021 candidates

Before reigning as Miss Universe Finland 2020, scuba diving instructor and model Viivi Altonen, 24, of Tampere, Finland was appointed as Miss Supranational Finland 2019. She was unplaced at both Miss Supranational 2019 and Miss Universe 2020.

Altonen won the Miss Photogenic award at Miss Supranational 2019, which culminated in Katowice, Poland on December 6, 2019. On July 11, 2021, she will crown Miss Supranational Finland 2021 at Ravintola Periscope in Tampere.

A total of 10 finalists are competing for the Miss Supranational Finland 2021 crown. If facial beauty is the only criterion, these are my Top 5 candidates:


#5. Vilma Halme, 23, Joensuu


#4. Silja Roos, 19, Helsinki


#3. Julia Pihkanen, 19, Joensuu


#2. Lily Korpela, 18, Tampere


#1. Susan Saarinen, 21, Helsinki

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