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Living away from your elders? Here’s how to ensure their safety at home

Education, career opportunities, or the will to give a new direction to life are a few things that drive youngsters away from their homes. Youngsters leaving their homes to attain higher education or for jobs is something that’s not unheard of. Although they leave their home with excitement, enthusiasm, positivity, and a resolution to change their life for good, a strange fear harbors in the corner of their heart- fear for the safety of their elders. 

When adults move out of their homes to make a life for themselves, they leave their aging parents or grandparents behind. Leaving senior citizens on their own often inflicts worries and insecurities in their hearts. If you are also dealing with the same kind of anxiety, we have got you covered. 

Introducing a few changes in your home can create a safe environment for your aging parents or grandparents. Here is how you can ensure their safety at home. 


1. Eliminate fall hazards.

Fall is one of the most common reasons for injuries in seniors. This is because their physical strength deteriorates as they age, the risk of falls increases. 

Remove fall hazards from your home to make it safe for the seniors. Clean up all the clutter, remove throw rugs, discard old furniture, and remove extension cords from the floor (if any). 

Create an open environment in your home to make it easy for the seniors to maneuver. 


2. Make the bathrooms safe. 

How often do we hear about the incidents of senior citizens slipping in the bathroom? Well, very often.  

To ensure your aging parents or grandparents stay safe when using the bathroom:

  1. Introduce some essential changes.
  2. Install grab bars beside the toilet and in the shower.
  3. Replace the bathtub with a walk-in model and toilet seat with a raised toilet seat. 
  4. Replace regular bath mats with rubber mats. 
  5. Ensure that the thermostat on the heater is set to 120-degree Fahrenheit or less. 
  6. Install a bright night light in the bathroom. 


3. Check the lighting.

As people age, their sight weakens gradually. Hence, ensuring that every corner of your home is brightly lit is essential. Replace the burnt-out light bulbs and add new light fixtures. 

Ensure all the paths are brightly lit. 


4. Keep all the emergency numbers handy.

If the senior citizen knows how to use a cell phone, feed all the emergency numbers in their phone and put your number on the speed dial. If they don’t use a cell phone, note down all the emergency numbers in large letters and place them in every room. 

The list of emergency contacts should include 911, emergency contact numbers (family members, friends, and your friends living in the same city), their healthcare provider, professional caregiving service, etc.


5. Check with them constantly.

Keep checking with your aging loved one frequently. When you are not home, hand over the responsibility of taking care of your parents to a professional caregiver.

Get personal alarms for elderly people and encourage them to wear them. Take extra care in extremely cold or hot weather because the risk of frostbite and heat strokes increases manifolds. 

Remind the seniors to keep all the doors and windows locked and not indulge in talking with strangers. 

Keep visiting them frequently and request your relatives or friends in the city to keep checking on them every now and then.

The bottom line 

Living away from your loved ones can be tricky, but you can make it easier and safer with these tips shared above. 

So, make your home a safe place for seniors with these tricks and follow your ambitions without constantly worrying about their security. 

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