beauty pageant results

Miss International UK 2021 results: Harriotte Lane crowns Evanjelin Elchmanar in Lancashire, England

  • beauty pageant: Miss International UK
  • edition: 5th
  • date: July 23, 2021
  • venue: Park Hall Hotel, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
  • number of candidates: 57
  • judges: April Banbury, Sally-Ann Fawcett, Kirsty Fletcher, Steph Williams, Anna Burdzy, Noky Simbani




TOP 16

  1. Jemma Hopson (Rotherham)
  2. Joanne Lawler (Alderly Edge)
  3. Lizzie Kelly (Thorpe)
  4. Lana Taylor (Devon)
  5. Kassandra Barker (Newcastle)
  6. Heather Hopkins (Vale of Glamorgan)
  7. Evanjelin Elchmanar (West Midlands)
  8. Victoria Rudolph (Marylebone)
  9. Heather Jordan (Staffordshire)
  10. Jodie Whitehead (Lincolnshire)
  11. Rose Hampton (Midlands)
  12. Daniella Brant (Essex)
  13. Demi-Lee Mills (Lancashire)
  14. Jessica Adele Ford (Solihull)
  15. Hayley Lawson (Powys)
  16. Sarah Boardman (Wakefield)


TOP 10

  1. Victoria Rudolph (Marylebone)
  2. Evanjelin Elchmanar (West Midlands)
  3. Heather Jordan (Staffordshire)
  4. Heather Hopkins (Vale of Glamorgan)
  5. Jodie Whitehead (Lincolnshire)
  6. Kassandra Barker (Newcastle)
  7. Rose Hampton (Midlands)
  8. Jessica Adele Ford (Solihull)
  9. Daniella Brant (Essex)
  10. Demi-Lee Mills (Lancashire)



2nd runner-upN/A Kassandra Barker
1st runner-up N/A Heather Hopkins
(Vale of Glamorgan)
Evanjelin Elchmanar
(West Midlands)

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