beauty pageant results

Miss Maryland USA 2021 results: Taelyr Robinson crowns Layilah Nasser in Rockville

  • beauty pageant: Miss Maryland USA
  • edition: 69th
  • date: July 25, 2021
  • venue: Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, Rockville, Montgomery County, Maryland, United States
  • number of candidates: 103




TOP 21

  1. Faith Porter
  2. Evelin Gutierrez
  3. Alexis Becton
  4. Niyah Martinez
  5. Natalia Salmon
  6. Kayla Morgan
  7. Arielle King
  8. Taylor Lokey
  9. Erica Robertson
  10. Caitlyn Stupi
  11. Brianna Lopez
  12. Keylin Perez
  13. Amanda Bertholf
  14. Shawna Melvin
  15. Cassidy Lacey
  16. Sara Ali
  17. Christina Dinardo
  18. Layilah Nasser
  19. Preetcharn Saund
  20. Taylor Davis
  21. Lydia Frentsos



  1. Christina Dinardo
  2. Layilah Nasser
  3. Natalia Salmon
  4. Taylor Davis
  5. Caitlyn Stupi



4th runner-upKatlyn ArcherNatalia Salmon
3rd runner-upJaelize CastilloChristina Dinardo
2nd runner-upSujita BasnetTaylor Davis
1st runner-up Preslie Bennett Caitlyn Stupi
Layilah Nasser
(Montgomery Village)

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