beauty pageant results

Reinado de El Salvador 2021 results: Vanessa Velasquez crowns Alejandra Gavidia in San Salvador

  • beauty pageant: Reinado de El Salvador (Miss El Salvador)
  • edition: 14th
  • venue: Hotel Crowne Plaza San Salvador, San Salvador, El Salvador
  • date: July 29, 2021
  • host: David Arias
  • number of finalists: 7



  1. Alejandra Gavidia, 25, San Salvador
  2. Fabiola Samayoa, 22, San Salvador
  3. Ingrid Chávez, 27, San Salvador
  4. Fatima Calderón, 22, San Salvador
  5. Gabriela Colindres, 26, San Juan Opico
  6. Nicole Álvarez, 27, San Salvador
  7. Krissia Zelaya, 26, San Salvador



  • Miss Elegance: Gabriela Colindres
  • Miss Congeniality: Alejandra Gavidia
  • Miss Photogenic: Nicole Álvarez



  • Miss Bodyography: Fatima Calderón
  • Miss Wella Hair: Ingrid Chávez



PLACEMENT 20212020
2nd runner-upN/AKenia Rivas
San Salvador
1st runner-upN/AAlexandra Torres
San Salvador
Miss World El SalvadorNicole Alvarez
San Salvador
Reina Hispanoamericana El SalvadorN/ATiffany Katota
San Salvador
Reinado de El Salvador Intercontinental
Miss Intercontinental El Salvador
Fabiola Samayoa
San Salvador
Levi Maria Toney Flores
San Vicente
Reinado de El Salvador Universo
Miss Universe El Salvador
Alejandra Gavidia
San Salvador
Vanessa Velasquez
San Salvador
Alejandra Gavidia
Alejandra Gavidia

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