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Afraid of maths? Here are 5 effective tips for dealing with math anxiety

Math anxiety is a term that we rarely use yet it is something many students have to deal with regularly.

Math anxiety (often referred to as math phobia) is an emotional state where an individual feels stressed out and anxious when they encounter a math-related situation. According to a 2017 research paper, math anxiety is not something that is only seen in academics. Anyone can suffer from it if they feel stressed out while doing maths, no matter how simple the problem might be.

Having established that, it is evident that math anxiety is a serious problem, especially among students. So how does one deal with this phobia? Let us try to find out.


1. Make sure you understand the basics.

A lot of times students get anxious while doing maths because it appears to be hard for them. And math problems usually seem hard when you cannot find your way through the basics.

Understanding the basics of a topic is vital, especially in a subject like maths. Since the topics are likely connected to one another, you need to have a good grasp of the basics so that you can work on the more difficult problems.


2. Find a different teacher.

The research mentioned at the start suggests that your math teacher’s method of teaching can lead to math anxiety. Usually, it is not that the instructor cannot teach, but that you, the student, are not comfortable with their methods. So what you need is a change, ideally a different tutor or teacher.

Find someone who makes maths comfortable for you. A good math teacher will support you with your problems no matter what. It will take some time to find the right teacher through trial and error. However, it is necessary to do so since it is directly related to the way you deal with math anxiety.


3. Study in groups.

When you are surrounded by people you know, you are bound to feel less stressed and anxious, no matter what the situation is. The same goes for studying maths. You will feel less anxious when you study in groups.

Group studies will help you get through difficult problems with ease. Your peers can help you with your problems and keep you company,  too.


4. Get help with your homework and assignments.

Doing math homework and assignments can be stressful for you, especially if you have a fast-approaching deadline. In such cases, get someone to help you with the problems.

Tutors can always lend you a hand when it comes to solving assignments. They can guide you through the process and chalk out a step-by-step guide.

In case you are not comfortable with your teacher or tutor, you can take help from online assignment support platforms like They have dedicated professional tutors to help you with your math problems. Be it algebra, trigonometry, or calculus, these websites have the personnel to help you with all of them. And they will provide the solutions to your problems with extra details if you tell them you have math anxiety.

An advantage of using online platforms for help is that you get to learn from an entirely different group of people. They can be based in any part of the world, and show you problem-solving methods you are not familiar with. It can be an entirely new and intriguing experience for you, and you will be interested to learn more.


5. Understand the real-life implications.

For some students, doing maths becomes stressful because they see no need for it. For them, it is all about securing a grade so that they can carry on with other things in life. Math anxiety can come knocking at your door if you feel the same way. That is because you are anxious about this thing that makes no sense to you yet you have to do it.

However, you can fight off that anxiety if you see the use of mathematics in your daily life or future career. Understanding its real-life implications can help you find a way to deal with that anxiety. It might even get you hooked on mathematics and make it your favorite subject. This transformation is very much possible, and the research paper by Sokolowski and Ansari mentioned at the beginning supports this statement.

People are not stuck with math anxiety for life. With a bit of help, you can break free from this phobia. So give it a shot, and see where it takes you.

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