6 most beautiful Miss Guinea Ecuatorial 2021 candidates


Miss Guinea Ecuatorial 2021 will culminate at the Sala de Conferencia in Baney, Equatorial Guinea on September 4, 2021. It will be the eighth edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Equatorial Guinea’s candidates for Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International.

On September 7, 2019, Miss Universe Equatorial Guinea 2019 Serafina Nchama Eyene Ada of Niefang, Miss World Equatorial Guinea 2019 Djanet Ortiz Oyono of Malabo and Miss International Equatorial Guinea 2019 Arsenia Chanque of Baney were crowned at the Auditorio Nacional Hotel in Malabo. They were not able to crown their respective successors in 2020 due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


There are 18 women competing for the three crowns at stake at Miss Guinea Ecuatorial 2021. If facial beauty is the only criterion, these will be my Top 6 candidates:


#6. Carolina Mende Mbuña, 21, Rio Campo


#5. Martina Mituy, 18, Ebibeying


#4. Nancy Pemba, 20, Corisco


#3. Victoria Kalu Gerona, 19, Annobon


#2. Lucila Benita, 20, Akonibe


#1. Constancia Bindang, 20, Nsork

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