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Complete list of Miss New Mexico USA 2021 candidates

Brooke Ayala
Brooke Ayala

Miss New Mexico USA 2020 Cecilia Rodriguez, 28, of South Valley, New Mexico, United States will crown her successor at Hotel Encanto in Las Cruces, New Mexico on August 15, 2021. It is the 68th edition of the state-level beauty pageant that selects New Mexico’s candidate for Miss USA, which selects the Miss Universe candidate of the U.S.

Currently, New Mexico has 18 Miss USA placements including one winner. Representing the state, Mai Shanley, 58, won the title in 1984.

There are 33 women competing for the Miss New Mexico USA 2021 title. Here is the complete list of candidates:

  1. Abigail Hills
  2. Alondra Rubio
  3. Ayana Pai
  4. Baylee Robinson
  5. Bianca Wright
  6. Brandi Blair
  7. Brigitte Kearns
  8. Britni Ebert
  9. Brittany Chiapetti
  10. Brooke Ayala
  11. Brooke Erdman
  12. Christa Schafer
  13. Claire Myers
  14. Clarissa Holguin
  15. D’nae Robinett
  16. Dominique Ehrl
  17. Elizabeth Nelson
  18. Felicia Tafoya
  19. Gabrielle Montoya
  20. Hannah Sanchez
  21. Hunter Stewart
  22. Isabela Ramirez
  23. Jacqueline Pina
  24. Josephine Morrison
  25. Kelly Pfefferkorn
  26. Lily Osorno
  27. Maria Acuna
  28. Morgan Soleman
  29. Rena Aragon
  30. Rica Charleston
  31. Sapphire Persinge
  32. Sara Arenas De Leon
  33. Sofia Fierro


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