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Deise Benício biography: 13 things about Miss Supranational Americas 2021


Deise de Moura Benício is a model and beauty queen from Brazil. Here are 13 more things about her:

  1. She was born in São Rafael, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.
  2. She is 5’10” tall.
  3. She represented Rio Grande do Norte when she won Elite Model Look-Etapa Nordeste 2006.
  4. On September 11, 2010, she represented São Rafael at Miss Terra Brasil 2011 and was unplaced.
  5. Representing Macaiba, she competed at Miss Rio Grande do Norte 2010 in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte and was runner-up to Joyce Cristiny Silva of Serrinha dos Pintos.
  6. She represented São Gonçalo do Amarante when she was crowned Miss Rio Grande do Norte 2014.
  7. She competed at Miss Brasil 2014 in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil. She was second runner-up.
  8. As Miss Brasil 2014 second runner-up, she represented Brazil at Miss International 2014 in Japan and finished in the Top 10.
  9. In 2016, she moved to Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil.
  10. On November 28, 2020, she represented the Federal District in Miss Supranational Brazil 2020 and won the title.
  11. She was 28 years old when she was crowned Miss Supranational Brazil 2020.
  12. While reigning as Miss Supranational Brazil 2020, she was pursuing her bachelor’s degree in law.
  13. Since Miss Supranational 2020 was crowned due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, she represented Brazil at Miss Supranational 2021 in Nowy Sącz, Małopolska, Poland on August 21, 2021. She finished in the Top 24 and won the Miss Supranational Americas 2021 title.


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