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3 ideas for birth pictures and poses

Remember posing for yearbook photos in middle school and high school? The same is often true for parents wanting to capture those first few moments, days and months of their newborn’s life.

Regardless of whether you’re a parent, you likely have spent some time thinking about the most ideal baby photos. But before your baby is even born, you can start planning for the perfect birth pictures and perfect poses.

Of course, coming up with the best and creative ideas can be challenging. Even with the best of intentions, making sure all the logistics are in place, getting that perfect pose, lighting and background, can prove tiresome.

Have no fear. Here are several ideas for birth pictures as well as some tips for the perfect newborn pose:


1. Develop a theme.

When it comes to creating the most ideal birth and baby milestone photos, know that there’s a wide array of subjects and types of pictures from which to choose. The choice is yours: You can brighten up your photo with various background colors and effects, patterns and images, and unique props and other details.

This is a great opportunity to be creative with your newborn’s pictures. In particular, themed monthly baby pictures are perfect as household mementos, as well as gifts to family and friends. Use this as an opportunity to create something fun and memorable, like a collage of photos from a baby’s birth to six and 12 months of life.

Developing a theme for your birth announcements is all about using words, images and a design that’s both beautiful and meaningful.


2. Don’t forget the props.

Props are a great way to get creative add some personalization to a birth announcement. For example, you could take a shot in your bedroom or bathroom and then add any number of props to make your photos stand out and create a big impact. Additionally, it’s a way to showcase your creativity before and during your pregnancy, because all births look different.

Using props for maternity photos can be as effective as other common techniques. In fact, props help bring individuality to a birth announcement, allow expecting parents to think outside the box, and make the purpose of the photoshoot explicitly clear. The resulting photos are natural in a way that professional photographers can take advantage of.


3. Cradle the baby pump.

The most powerful birth photos are those with a woman holding her bump, indicating her baby is on the way. Correct positioning is vital. This will help ensure the baby is in the most pain-free manner possible and show off the beautiful cradling bump, which makes the images look so much more professional and creative.

This form of expression is called the cradle bump. The cradling process is meant to symbolize the care and love you have for your baby-to-be.


Birth pictures are a great way to capture some of the first few moments, days and months of your newborn’s life. Moreover, framing these photos and hanging them in your baby’s nursery and/or throughout your home can add an even more personal touch. Of course, the birth of your child is a family event. This is like no other time in your life. It’s important to record these moments for yourself and those missing out on these moments.

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