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Complete list of Miss Bolivia 2021 candidates

The Miss Bolivia 2021 coronation night will take place in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia on August 28, 2021. It is the 42nd edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Bolivia’s candidates for Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Grand International.

Four reigning queens will crown their respective successors. They are Miss Universe Bolivia 2020 Lenka Nemer Drpic, Miss World Bolivia 2021 Alondra Mercado, Miss International Bolivia 2021 Carolina Fernandez and Miss Grand Bolivia 2019 Carolina Paz Rojas.

There are 25 women competing for the four titles. Here is the list of candidates:

  1. Miss Beni 2021 Fernanda Rivero
  2. Señorita Beni 2021 Jarmila Sandoval
  3. Miss Cochabamba 2021 Fabiola Montaño
  4. Señorita Cochabamba 2021 Alejandra Torrico
  5. Miss Capital 2021 Daniela Anahí López Velarde
  6. Miss Chuquisaca 2021 Nicole Lemaître Ávila
  7. Señorita Chuquisaca 2021 Yasendy Salazar
  8. Miss Illimani 2021 Malena Heredia
  9. Señorita Illimani 2021 Fabiana Micaela Rodríguez
  10. Miss Llanos Tropicales 2021 Giliana Chavez Valdivia Alvarado
  11. Miss Litoral 2021 Camila Banzer
  12. Señorita Litoral 2021 Maria Jose Ramirez
  13. Miss La Paz 2021 Diana Cuellar
  14. Señorita La Paz 2021 Andrea Torricos Pedriel
  15. Miss Oruro 2021 Fulvia Raphaela Flores Arreglo
  16. Señorita Oruro 2021 Jessica G. Chacón Morales
  17. Miss Pando 2021 Rita Galeb
  18. Miss Potosi 2021 Mónica Valle Requena
  19. Señorita Potosi 2021 Macarena Castillo Bernal
  20. Miss Santa Cruz 2021 Nahemi Uequin
  21. Señorita Santa Cruz 2021 Fernanda Antelo
  22. Miss Tarija 2021 Antonella Ulloa Arce
  23. Señorita Tarija 2021 Andrea Roux Hernandez
  24. Miss Valle 2021 Adriana Rios
  25. Miss Villa Imperial 2021 Abi Leslie Oña Garabito


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