Hamburg, Germany’s David Bay releases Joy Division-approved ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ cover [MUSIC VIDEO]

David Bay
David Bay

Based in Hamburg, Germany, David Bay has released his groovy indie-pop cover of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” with a stamp of approval from remaining members Stephen Morris, Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook of acclaimed English rock band Joy Division. Where analog meets digital, retro meets modern and funky meets lazy, the cover poises itself as a modern classic that promises to get you off your seat and moving.

Documenting the fear of losing passionate love and the dread that comes with feeling alright having not felt stable for an extensive period, Bay documents the euphoria of intimacy and sensual romanticism in this breakout track. The joys of falling in love can be sonically tasted by the listener over tasteful synths, an addictive bass line and chill vocals as “Love Will Tear Us Apart” sets itself to become a global megahit to wrap up summer. 


Joy Division originally released “Love Will Tear Us Apart” in June 1980. The lyrics of the song were inspired the the marital problems of the band’s then lead singer Ian Curtis and his struggles with mental illness.

”I think, if you do a cover, you really have to give the track your spin and I really hope I managed to do just that,” Bay said. “From a new-wave ’80s classic, I’ve changed the song into an electronic disco blend that could fit into a playlist right next to artists like Franc Moody, Roosevelt or Purple Disco Machine. I did this track back in 2017.”


“I’m super excited about this and can not wait to hear how the world embraces this one compared to the original,” Bay continued. “We sent it over to Joy Division’s publisher and shortly after we were allowed to release it by all remaining members of the band Stephen Morris, Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook. Crazy!”

Poised to be covered by music tastemakers and media outlets across 50 countries worldwide, “Love Will Tear Us Apart” is positioned to become a megahit with its visually arresting cinematographic music video directed by German director-actor Faraz Shariat. Watch it here:

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