IBM Power E1080, IBM Power10 enhanced by ISVs, channel partners


The new IBM Power E1080 server is the first in a new family of servers based on the new IBM Power10 processor. The new IBM Power10 family is supported by a wide range of independent software vendor (ISVs), IBM Business Partners and other external stakeholders that recognize the value of the new platform’s capabilities for their customers.

Leveraging the SAP Application Performance Standard values benchmark, which measures performance for key SAP applications, the IBM Power E1080 has set a record for an 8-socket system This achieves over 174,000 2-tier benchmark users, 40 percent greater than the closest x86-based platform.

“The IBM Power10-based E1080 is an ideal platform for clients looking to modernize by running SAP applications in hybrid cloud environments,” SAP‘s Enterprise Cloud Services and HANA Enterprise Cloud chief technology officer Lalit Patil stated. “With the E1080’s record-setting SAPS benchmark score, we look forward to continuing to expand our relationship with IBM to better serve our mutual customers.”


In addition to SAP, several other ISVs that provide a wide range of services including databases, secure medical records processing, security, AI and more have announced support for IBM Power10. To help these services get into the hands of customers, IBM is working closely with our channel partners so that they can work closely with customers and build solutions that work for them.

“As one of the leading IBM Power Business Partners in Europe, we recognize the differentiated value that IBM Power can deliver to our customers,” SVA head of competence center for Power Systems Udo Sachs said. “In addition to increased performance, the IBM Power10-based E1080 server is designed to help our clients take their core business applications to new levels of security and allow for much more energy efficiency. Both are very critical issues for our customers in today’s world.”

IBM is taking orders for the IBM Power E1080 now with shipments expected to begin before the end of the month and is introducing Power Expert Care, which offers a tiered approach to service including Advanced and Premium Expert Care tiers. The simple service tiers and pricing facilitate straight-forward support options for the IBM Power E1080 server and additional add-ons such as hardware and software system health checks and regular security updates are designed to ensure that the systems stay protected against the latest cybersecurity threats, while also providing software and hardware coherence and higher systems availability.

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