Complete list of Miss Turkey 2021 candidates


Miss Turkey 2019 Simay Rasimoğlu, 24, of Istanbul, Turkey will crown her successor at the Fişekhane in Istanbul on September 8, 2021. It is the 78th edition of the national beauty pageant that currently selects Turkey’s Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss Supranational candidates.

Aside from Miss Turkey, who represents Turkey in Miss World, two more queens who will represent the country in Miss Universe and Miss Supranational are also crowned. In 2019, Rasimoğlu was crowned alongside Miss Universe 2019 Bilgi Nur Aydoğmuş, 25, and Miss Supranational 2019 Büşra Turan, 22, who are also both from Istanbul.

Rasimoğlu, Aydoğmuş and Turan were unplaced at Miss World 2019, Miss Universe 2019 and Miss Supranational 2019, respectively. They were not able to crown their respective successors in 2020 due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

There are 20 women competing for the three titles at stake at Miss Turkey 2021. Here is the list of candidates:

  1. Kayra Türkoviç, 19
  2. Yeşim Toplu, 25
  3. Alara Eriç, 18
  4. Sira Sahilli, 21
  5. Ilayda Gökalp, 22
  6. Tuana Cemre Calban, 21
  7. Nil Çukur, 19
  8. Sevcan Öksüz, 21
  9. Sena Leyla Yavuz, 22
  10. Su Bige Korucu, 25
  11. Birsu Deniz Aközbek, 21
  12. Bilsel Buse Kadioğlu, 22
  13. Selin Şahingöz, 21
  14. Dilara Korkmaz, 23
  15. Başak Ilhan, 23
  16. Buse Orcan, 19
  17. Berfin Ant, 22
  18. Mercan Tezcan, 21
  19. Bahar Koltuklu, 24
  20. Cemrenaz Turhan, 23

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