Oceanside, California’s Donald Craighead drives Dodge Dakota truck with bayonet, machete in Washington, D.C.


Donald Craighead, 44, of Oceanside, San Diego County, California, United States was recently arrested by the United States Capitol Police. He was charged with possession of prohibited weapons.

On September 13, 2021, Craighead was driving a Dodge Dakota pickup truck, which he parked outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C., USA. A picture of an American flag was placed where the license plate should have been. 

Founded in 1848, the DNC is the governing body of the U.S. Democratic Party. On January 21, 2021, Jaime R. Harrison, 45, of Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA assumed office as the committee’s chair.


A swastika and other white supremacist symbols were painted on Craighead’s truck, which did not have a license plate. USCP officers pulled over the truck and noticed inside the vehicle a bayonet and machete, which are both illegal in Washington, D.C.

“This is good police work plain and simple,” USCP chief Tom Manger said. “We applaud the officers’ keen observation and the teamwork that resulted in this arrest.”

Donald Craighead
Donald Craighead

When Craighead was arrested, he told the USCP officers that he was on patrol. He then started talking about white supremacist ideology and other rhetoric pertaining to white supremacy.

“This is an excellent example of the work our officers do every day,” Operational Services Bureau deputy chief Jason Bell said. “We are so proud of these officers for their vigilance.”


The Dodge Dakota is a mid-size pickup truck from Chrysler‘s Ram division. From its introduction in 1987 through 2011, it was marketed under the Dodge brand.

In 2000, the Dodge Dakota was nominated for the North American Truck of the Year award. It was manufactured by Chrysler Corporation from 1986 to 1998, DaimlerChrysler from 1998 to 2007, Chrysler LLC from 2007 to 2009 and Chrysler Group LLC  from 2009 to 2011.

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