Zack Tabudlo song ‘Habang Buhay’ out via Island Records Philippines, MCA Music Inc.


Zack Tabudlo has released his new single “Habang Buhay” via Island Records Philippines and MCA Music Inc. Expressing security in the promises of unconditional romance, he allows himself to bask in the golden feeling of being swept away by love, while looking forward to more affectionate years with that special someone.

“’Habang Buhay’ has its own life with the happiness itself of the song alone,” Tabudlo shared. “I haven’t written any song with such a happy and positive meaning before, so this is definitely something different.”

“Habang Buhay” was written, produced, mixed and mastered by Tabudlo himself. It is a shiny, retro-pop tune inspired by a lot of old school Filipino classics such as VST & Company and other 1980s songbook stalwarts such as The Police and Fra Lippo Lippi.

Tabudlo takes into the account the nostalgic tendencies of his influences. The young music prodigy makes the song current with its explicit nod to more melodic, guitar-pop stylings that have come to define his hits from the chart-topping “Nangangamba” to the streaming smash “Binibini.” 


A music video for “Habang Buhay” will be released soon to complement the song’s effervescent vibe. However, Tabudlo is mum about its entire concept.

“There will be a music video for it but I’d love to keep the people behind it a secret for now,” Tabudlo said. “I love to give the fans a big surprise.”

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