Looking for content curation software? Here are your options


Over the centuries, more and more books have been published. Thanks to the internet, we now have material to read as never before. It can be everything from Shakespeare to Stephen Hawking and from Monty Python to BLACKPINK.

Because of the huge choice involved, it’s important that people are able to access the material in the most efficient way possible. The idea of content curation is to make it easier for you or your team to find the best resources, articles and blogs on a given topic. There are many software tools out there that can help make this process smoother. In this blog post, we will explore some of the major options you have available.

laptop, notepad (©Nick Morrison)
laptop, notepad (©Nick Morrison)

What is content curation software?

Content curation is the process of identifying, gathering and presenting the information you think your audience will find interesting. Content curation software is a tool to help with the process of finding and sharing this content. It can help you save time when creating blog posts or social media updates. It will help you gather relevant information from various online sources  – be they news articles, videos, images,  presentations or more.

Content curation software can streamline your workflow and save money on hiring writers or copywriters. You will spend less time trying to find relevant information online because all the curated pieces will already be gathered in one place. The software can be really helpful when there are many things happening in your industry or niche that you want to share with your audience but don’t have enough resources (or time) to do the research. It can also help ensure that your website only shares quality material that is important to your readership.


Caboodle AI

This software has an AI feature that helps users find articles related to their keywords by crawling through social media and RSS feeds on their behalf. At its core, Caboodle is a content curation tool that uses search technology in order to discover relevant websites and blog posts based on peoples’ interests.

People can find out more about this technology by visiting specialized software websites. By reading a Caboodle AI news feed, they can discover how it works and can be navigated as well as reading testimonials and pricing information. Website visitors can also have live chats, request demos and subscribe to newsletters.


This software is a simple and easy-to-use tool that automatically pulls what it deems the most relevant content from social media sites, news websites and blog posts. It then organizes them into an easily digestible format.

It also allows you to measure what truly matters: engagement amongst your target audience. This can prove invaluable during content marketing campaigns because you will be able to clearly see whether they are working or not. This software requires a paid subscription after 30 days and the costs will depend on the number of users.


Grammarly is a top name in the world of content curation. It is free to use for basic writing purposes but if you want to fully utilize all of the features that it offers including plagiarism detection, there’s a monthly fee involved. In return for your money, you can access full online grammar-checking functionality with unlimited document uploads. You can also access high-quality proofreading services from professional editors. It is easy to learn Grammarly and you can use it to do spell-checks as you go.

One main disadvantage of Grammarly though is that it’s not equipped to deal with scientific or marketing content. If you are looking for a tool to check the accuracy, clarity and style of your texts in those fields, you may need an alternative. It also doesn’t work well with some languages such as Russian and Arabic.


Buzzsumo is a popular choice for content curation due to its ability to find what other people are sharing on social media. It also provides analytics tools so you can see what your competitors are up to and how well their content is performing. This can help guide you in terms of the content on your own site. There are lots of extra features that come with BuzzSumo, including the option to search by domain name or URL. This makes it easy if you’re looking for specific pieces of information about another company’s website.

There’s also an integration between Google Analytics and HubSpot which can help you find new topics that will be more relevant for your business purposes. One disadvantage is that there isn’t a free account option so if you want access beyond the trial period, you’ll need to pay upfront. It can also be difficult to use, making it less suitable for beginners who aren’t yet familiar with using analytical tools.


Pocket is an app that saves articles so they can be viewed later. It has a clean interface and its users can either save the web page or share them on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Also, Pocket offers content curation facilities but they are primarily for blogs rather than news sites. The app is suitable for people who are looking to create content of their own and learning about new developments in their industry/niche from other sources.


Feedly acts as a really simple syndication (RSS) reader but specifically for blogs. You can follow specific topics, which you create yourself, in the same way that people subscribe to their favorite blogs on Google Reader.

This software also has a Chrome extension that allows you to save what you find on the Web. It is very easy to use and to add new blogs to your list of favorites.


Other examples

If this has whetted your appetite, you are also recommended to check out other software, such as Quu, Triberr, Tailwind, Netvibes, Social Pilot, Content Studio and Tint.

When it comes to choosing the right content curation software, you need to balance your budget and your individual needs. Once you’ve found the software of choice, you can harness the potential that it can bring to your content curation.

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