Cebu Province’s Steffi Aberasturi is Miss Universe Philippines 2021 second runner-up


Steffi Rose Aberasturi, 27, of Cebu Province, Philippines almost won Miss Universe Philippines 2021. She finished fifth, making her the second runner-up.

“How will you empower young women and help them become more socially aware?” Aberasturi was asked during the final question-and-answer portion. She answered, “Now with social media, this tool has been a driving force in all of us but we have to draw a borderline so that this youth will not take advantage of the social media.”

“We have to see the social media the way it was designed, which is to unite people and never to divide us in the first place,” Aberasturi continued. “We have to be responsible users.”

Hosted by KC Montero, 43, the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 coronation night took place at the Henann Resort Convention Center at the Alona Beach in Panglao, Bohol, Philippines on September 30, 2021. It was the second edition of the national beauty pageant that selects the Philippines’ Miss Universe candidate.

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo, 24, of Iloilo attended the ceremony to crown her successor. The event also featured performances by Sam Concepcion, 28, and Michael Pangilinan, 25.


Following new coronavirus (COVID-19) protocols, only 100 tickets worth 10,000 pesos ($200) were sold for live audience members. It was available only for fully vaccinated individuals.

Including Aberasturi, 28 finalists competed for the crown. The judges were Hilton Manila commercial director Joanne Golong-Gomez, FRONTTOW Philippines co-founder Sam Versoza, The Belo Medical Group medical director Dr. Vicki Belo, Young Designers Guild and The Fashion and Design Council of the Philippines ex-president Jojie Lloren and Roku Group chief executive officer Sheila Romero.

It was Beatrice Luigi Gomez, 26, of Cebu City who won the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 title. In case she has to give up the title, she will be replaced by Miss Universe Philippines Tourism 2021 Katrina Dimaranan, 28, of Taguig, who finished second.

Victoria Velasquez Vincent, 26, of Cavite finished third and was crowned Miss Universe Philippines Charity 2021. Maureen Wroblewitz, 23, of Pangasinan finished fourth, making her the first runner-up.

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