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Dylan Harrison biography: 13 things about cop from Dudley, Georgia


Dylan Harrison was a police officer from Georgia, United States. Here are 13 more things about him:

  1. He was born in Laurens County, Georgia. (a)
  2. He lived in Dudley, Georgia. (b)(c)
  3. Aside from Dudley, he also lived in other parts of Georgia including Savannah, Dublin and Gillsville. (c)
  4. He was super nice to everybody and was professional, according to his mother-in-law Lisa Milks. (a)
  5. He worked as a first responder in Laurens County and served as a firefighter in Savannah. (a)
  6. He served with the Middle Georgia State University Police Department in Macon, Georgia. (d)(e)
  7. He worked for Cochran Police Department in Cochran, Georgia and the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office. (d)(e)
  8. In 2018, he joined the ranks of law enforcement. He became a full-time agent with the Oconee Drug Task Force in Eastman, Georgia. (b)(e)
  9. On November 23, 2019, he and Heather Milks got married in Dublin. (a)(f)
  10. In April 2021, Heather gave birth to their son Brody Harrison. (b)(d)
  11. On October 8, 2021, he was working his first shift as a part-time officer with the Alamo Police Department in Alamo, Georgia. In the evening, he stopped a man for a traffic violation at the Circle K across from the department. The man refused to give his name and pushed him. He fired his Taser after the man resisted arrest. The man was booked into the Wheeler County Jail. (g)
  12. At around 1:00 a.m. on October 9, 2021, he and Heather were texting. Moments later, he was fatally shot outside the Alamo Police Department allegedly by Damien Anthony Ferguson, who was arrested on October 10, 2021. Ferguson was allegedly friends with the man he arrested on October 8, 2021. (b)(e)(g)
  13. He died at the age of 26. (b)




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