beauty pageant results

Miss Universe Great Britain 2021 results: Jeanette Akua crowns Emma Collingridge in Newport, Wales

  • beauty pageant: Miss Universe Great Britain
  • edition: 13th
  • date: October 16, 2021
  • venue: Riverfront Arts Centre, Newport, Wales, United Kingdom
  • candidates: 29



TOP 22

  1. Abigail Johnston, 22, Perthshire, Scotland
  2. Amy Meisak, 28, South Lanarkshire, Scotland
  3. Charlotte Kamale, 27, East Surrey, England
  4. Christina Chalk, 28, Stirling, Scotland
  5. Daniella Hare, 20, Dorset, England
  6. Eleanor Booth, 28, Warwickshire, West Midlands, England
  7. Ella Baker-Roberts, 25, Kent, England
  8. Emilee Lucia, 26, Greater London, London, England
  9. Emma Collingridge, 23, Suffolk, England
  10. Fallonne Rose, 24, West Surrey, England
  11. Jade Bambrough, 27, Tyne and Wear, England
  12. Joanna Johnson, 28, Lancashire, England
  13. Lauri Knowler, 26, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
  14. Lisa He, 24, Edinburgh, Scotland
  15. Melissa Dewar, 24, Islington, Middlesex, Greater London, London, England
  16. Michaela Carew, 28, Camden, London, England
  17. Neha Dhull, 23, London, England
  18. Petchara Newson, 22, Worcestershire, West Midlands, England
  19. Rosie Minako, 27, Sussex, England
  20. Sacha Jones, 26, West Midlands, England
  21. Saskia Fauguel, 27, West Yorkshire, Yorkshire and the Humber, England
  22. Stephanie Hill, 26, Derbyshire, East Midlands, England


2nd runner-upAmy Meisak
South Lanarkshire, Scotland
Amy Meisak
Glasgow, Scotland
1st runner-upChristina Chalk
Stirling, Scotland
Sophie Moulds
Ferndale, Wales
Miss Universe Great BritainEmma Collingridge
Suffolk, England
Jeanette Akua
London, England

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