Miss Universe Kenya 2021 results: Stacy Michuki crowns Roshanara Ebrahim in Nairobi

  • beauty pageant: Miss Universe Kenya
  • edition: 7th
  • date: October 30, 2021
  • venue: Nairobi, Kenya
  • candidates: 10



  1. Charity Wijass
  2. Deborah Asiko
  3. Doreen Akinyi
  4. Esther Ochieng
  5. Maren Clera
  6. Maymuna Abdi
  7. Olivia Njoroge
  8. Paskaline Jebet
  9. Roshanara Ebrahim
  10. Sheila Agola


2nd runner-upCarolyne Kinuthia
1st runner-upAggry Dion Okello
Miss Universe KenyaRoshanara Ebrahim
Stacy Michuki

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