beauty pageant results

Miss Universe Sweden 2021 results: Lina Ljungberg crowns Moa Sandberg in Göteborg

  • beauty pageant: Miss Universe Sweden
  • edition: 12th
  • date: October 30, 2021
  • venue: Clarion Hotel Post, Göteborg, Sweden
  • candidates: 16
  • hosts: Lina Ljungberg, Ida Ovmar
  • performers: Bosson, Sylwia Chaliss


Alexandra Ros20Stockholm177 cm53 kg
Amanda Westerberg 18Göteborg170 cm53 kg
Beatrice Övall Nordqvist20Skåne167 cm53 kg
Daniella Lundqvist 22Kalmar175 cm63 kg
Elin Person20Skåne173 cm59 kg
Fanny Hansson 25Skåne170 cm63 kg
Julia Pylad 22Norrköping183 cm67 kg
Kelly Sucio 26Skåne179 cm63 kg
Louise Calner 25Skåne175 cm60 kg
Lucy Dimitrova26Skåne175 cm55 kg
Melina Hebelius24Örebro165 cm54 kg
Moa Sandberg25Stockholm180 cm62 kg
Olivia Creutzer 18Stockholm160 cm50 kg
Olivia Wrångelin 20Göteborg168 cm52 kg
Sofia Sjöberg22Gävleborg180 cm62 kg
Yasmine Mindru22Göteborg170 cm49 kg



  • Miss Personality: Moa Sandberg


Top 5Beatrice Joanna
Daniella Lundqvist
2nd runner-upSofia SjobergMiriam Lange Balman 
1st runner-upLucy DimitrovaYasmine Mindru
Miss International SwedenN/APaulina Kielczewska
Miss Universe SwedenMoa Sandberg
Lina Ljungberg

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