Hima Zaker biography: 13 things about Miss Earth Iran 2021


Dr. Hima Zaker is an Iranian veterinarian, model and beauty queen. Here are 13 more things about her:


  1. She is originally from Mashhad, Iran.
  2. She is based in Istanbul, Turkey.
  3. She is an environmental awareness and animal rights advocate.
  4. She has one older sister.
  5. She loves sports.
  6. She enjoys swimming, ice-skating, aerial dancing, mountaineering, practicing gymnastics and playing handball and tennis.
  7. She was a solo passenger with no tour guide when she traveled outside Iran for the first time. For Iranians, it is unusual for a girl to visit a foreign country by herself.
  8. She grew up watching films by Studio Ghibli, a Japanese animation film studio founded on June 15, 1985.
  9. The title character of “Princess Mononoke,” a Studio Ghibli film released in 1997, was always an inspiration to her.
  10. She is 5’9″ tall.
  11. In September 2021, she was crowned Miss Iran 2021, making her Iran’s Miss Earth 2021 representative.
  12. She was 27 years old when she was crowned Miss Earth Iran 2021.
  13. On November 21, 2021, she will represent Iran in the virtual coronation of Miss Earth 2021. She is the first Miss Earth candidate representing Iran.

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