4 critical mistakes of aspiring executives- an overview from Alex Reinhardt Academy


Many young managers, who have no experience in management, make terrible mistakes without realizing. Such missteps reduce team productivity, damage relationships within the team and hinder the company’s development.  

Alex Reinhardt Academy‘s flexible platform offers online business training and educational programmes in team management and leadership skills development, without which no manager will last long. However, if you have been appointed to the position out of the blue and have not had time to prepare, the most important thing is not to make the following mistakes all newcomers make. 


Mistake #1. Why delegate tasks? I can do them faster!

Most novice managers want to show off their autonomy by all means in the first few months. 

Alex Reinhardt, venture capitalist and founder of more than 20 successful IT and FinTech projects, knows first-hand how difficult it is to be an executive. That’s why he recommends remembering that: 

One of the main tasks of a manager is to develop employees. Train them to do the necessary tasks on their own if you are worried that they will not cope as well as you. Otherwise, what’s the point of having employees at all?  


Mistake #2. I’ll get this place in order and everything will work better

Many managers are full of confidence that they will make a new start for the company. But, for this, they change the current rules, set rigid limits, and thus destroy the already established atmosphere in the team. So, instead, the Alex Reinhardt Academy recommends: “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” Listen to the opinions of your staff. Why change something if it is not directly related to their work? Give employees a choice. Results are more important than discipline.  


Mistake #3. I give them tasks and let them set their own deadlines and priorities.

Planning is key to the success of any team, but it’s always the manager who directs this work. 

At the Alex Reinhardt Academy, you can quickly learn the art of planning and time management, but it is also worth sticking to the following tips: Divide large projects or tasks into smaller iterations.  Set clear deadlines for each iteration. Don’t forget to consider new factors and make revisions. Circumstances change, so it is worth adjusting the plan regularly. 


Mistake #4. Let them resolve their own conflicts as long as there are no conflicts between us.

Any conflicts within the team will affect the work atmosphere, and consequently, the work results. Alex Reinhardt recommends the following: Always ask employees about the situation around the office. Rumors may not reach you as the boss, so ask directly and observe behavior.  

At the Alex Reinhardt Academy, you will find the best online business training and do training courses on conflict and stress management, planning, task delegation, and, of course, team management. So, get the full training and become a better boss.


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