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Hungary’s 10 most handsome men alive 2021


Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. The country is bordered by Slovakia to the north, Ukraine to the northeast, Romania to the east and southeast, Austria to the west, Croatia and Slovenia to the southwest and Serbia to the south.

On October 23, 1989, Hungary became a democratic parliamentary republic. On May 1, 2004, the county joined the European Union.

János Áder, 62, is the incumbent president of Hungary. He assumed office on May 10, 2012.

Budapest is the capital and largest city of Hungary. Here is the 2021 list of the 10 most handsome living men of Hungarian descent:


#10. Dominik Szoboszlai


#9. Áron Szilágyi


#8. Tibor Kocsis 


#7. Kucsera Gábor


#6. “Freddie” Gábor Alfréd Fehérvári


#5. András Stohl


#4. Dániel Gyurta


#3. Varga András


#2. Misa Patinszki


#1. Oliver Pusztai

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