Seychelles’ 10 most handsome men alive 2021


The Republic of Seychelles is an island country in Eastern Africa. The country consists of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean at the eastern edge of the Somali Sea.

Seychelles achieved its independence from the United Kingdom on June 29, 1976 and was admitted to the United Nations on September 21, 1976. In 2018, Seychelles signed the U.N. treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Wavel Ramkalawan, 62, is the incumbent and fifth president of Seychelles. He assumed office on October 26, 2020.

Victoria is the capital and the largest city of Seychelles. Here is the 2021 list of the 10 most handsome living men of Seychellois descent, born in the Eastern African country or residing in the country:


#10. Ned Azemia


#9. Lorenzo Hoareau


#8. Simon Bachmann


#7. Dylan Sicobo


#6. Travis Julienne 


#5. Joe Samy


#4. Nicolas Van Beveren


#3. Jean-Luc Cecile


#2. Neil Denis


#1. Jeffery Kissubi

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