How can the internet help you to find the right restaurant?


Whether you are traveling abroad or staying at home, the best way to find a good restaurant recommendation is by doing an online search. It can be tricky to find a nearby restaurant that is affordable and offers a nice menu selection.

There are other factors to consider like the restaurant’s popularity, hygiene, and the type of cuisine. This can be a time-consuming process if you don’t know how to search for a decent restaurant. Here are a few ways on how you can find the right restaurant online:

laptop, notepad (©Nick Morrison)
laptop, notepad (©Nick Morrison)

The easiest way to search for a restaurant online is to simply do a Google search for restaurants near me. With the advancements of technology, any smart device you have will use your location to list all the restaurants in your neighborhood. You can read the customer reviews and ratings of each restaurant listed near you. It is best to skim through the comments to find out if their concerns matter to you.

Some comments could be related to things unrelated to food like seating, location, or whether there is a wine menu. This is why you shouldn’t depend only on the ratings even if the restaurant is highly rated because you might not even like that type of cuisine. Use the search to narrow down the choices to a couple of restaurants. You can then click the links to the restaurants’ websites and see if they offer a menu. This can help you decide if you are in the mood for that type of cuisine and you can even pick your favorite dishes so you know what to order. You can also narrow down your search if you already know what type of cuisine or dish you want to eat. So instead of typing “restaurants near me,” you can type “Mexican restaurant near me” or “fish and chips near me” and so on.


Use social media platforms.

If you are planning for a dinner date or a place to have dinner on the weekend, you can post on your social media platforms and ask your friends for recommendations. It may take time for people to reply to your post, which is why you can save this option for future dinner plans. You can join Facebook groups that post daily recommendations for the restaurants people have tried.

After narrowing down restaurant choices from your online search, you can ask the people in your group to recommend which one to try. If you are traveling abroad or to another city, like Texas for instance, you can use social media to ask locals for restaurant recommendations in, say, San Angelo. Ask your acquaintances, and definitely try asking online as well, about the best restaurants in San Angelo, TX, and then conduct your own mini survey to determine the most voted restaurant. You can still visit the other restaurants another time since they already have a good rating. An Instagram search for a restaurant might not be the easiest way but it has the advantage of posting the most popular dishes eaten at a restaurant.

You can combine two searches to pick the right restaurant for you, which also fits the occasion. It can be a longer process, which is why you can just use this method when you are not looking for a place to eat right now.


Browse restaurant guides online.

One of the best ways to find the right restaurant for you is using specialized online websites or apps that give you the best recommendations. This is especially useful when you’re traveling and can’t find recommendations on social media.

Restaurant and travel guides will give you a list of the best restaurants to visit in the city you choose. You can easily pick the city on these websites and browse all the options they have for you. Most of these online guides have a map with pinned locations of all these restaurants so you can know which ones are the closest to your hotels. The restaurants are categorized by rating and the number of customer reviews. They also include information about delivery options, the availability of outdoor dining, takeout, and even the language spoken in the restaurant. Sometimes, you can find icons indicating that the restaurant is family-owned. All this information can help you find the restaurant you are looking for in any city.

The internet can help you find the right restaurant for you by giving you a list of restaurants in a given location. You can narrow down your search by location, type of cuisine, customer ratings, and other categories. If you have time, make sure to check more than one source online to make sure you have the best restaurant choice.

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  1. My dad’s 50th birthday is coming up next week and my family wants to take him out to dinner. I appreciate your recommendation to ask your friends for suggestions through social media. My dad loves BBQ food, so we will have to use social media to get recommendations of the best BBQ restaurants to take him to.


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