How the internet changed the fundamental nature of dating


Should you happen to catch a rom-com set in the ’80s, you might well encounter the phenomenon of the blind date. Together with bumping into random strangers in bars and clubs, this was how singles used to connect. But the advent of digital technology has changed dating beyond all recognition.

Singles in modern sitcoms don’t need to hang around trendy nightspots anymore. All they have to do is join an online dating service, then arrange get-togethers via their web browser. So how has going online revolutionized dating?

laptop, notepad (©Nick Morrison)
laptop, notepad (©Nick Morrison)


Many groups in society have traditionally felt socializing opportunities to be restricted, compared to those available in mainstream society. This has particularly been the case where the lesbian community is concerned.

Now, instead of hanging around in the small number of bars popular with same-sex singles, girls seeking a lesbian hookup can upload their contact details to a website. This removes all the hassle, not to mention judgement. Lesbian site users can feel free to interact with kindred spirits, getting to know a cross-section of eligible females.


International dating

If dating was once an activity that tended to be confined to singles within a certain neighborhood, the Internet has opened up the world. Registering with many dating services will instantly provide access to a host of exciting possibilities. Becoming familiar with foreigners can be a lot of fun, and if there is any sort of language issue, Google will offer real-time translation services to keep the flirting on track.



When singles stroll into a nightspot, no matter how trendy the setting might appear to be, and how heavily populated it might be with ‘eligible’ singles, there’s one drawback. Nobody could possibly know the first thing about anyone’s background. Dating sites can provide a wealth of information about the various site users.

What’s more, algorithms will point new members towards the most appropriate profiles to check out, based on the data you provide during the application stage. If you’ve specified you’d like to interact with a heavily-tattooed lesbian living within a 10-mile radius of your location, then these programs will help to sift through the database to find the most appropriate contacts.



Another terrific attribute that has changed the nature of dating is how flexible online matching has become. All these sites and apps tend to provide free registration. No newcomer is under any obligation to stick to the first resource that catches their eye. It’s all about experimentation. If you decide a particular service isn’t providing you with the tools you were hoping for, then you can move on.

Joining a dating site is all about empowerment. You’ll be taking control of your destiny from this point onwards. It will be totally up to you how frequently you access your account to check your inbox for messages, or for checking out the newest site members. 

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  1. Very accurate article here. Yes, online dating has helped millions of people find true love! It’s a tool to find someone who shares your life vision and values. As a dating and relationship coach for 17 years, over 80% of my successfully coupled clients meet through an online dating site. And I do help my clients with other avenues as well with a comprehensive dating plan. Although rare, I have had some international couples formed. We are busy and socially distancing, now online is the best way to do so. Amy Schoen, the Motivated to Marry Coach.


  2. Yes, very accurate account of the benefits and changes in dating options the internet dating has given us. Millions of relationship have been formed through online dating and it’s a billion dollar industry. As a dating and relationship coach for over 17 years, over 80% of my successfully coupled clients met their partners through an online dating site. And I do help my clients look at face to face opportunities, as well with a personalized dating plan. And given the Pandemic, our options are narrowed and online is one of the best ways to connect. One of my DC clients met someone in Australia and maintained the relationship long distance for 2 years! You do need to know how to weed out inappropriate people and scammers. With a sense of adventure, online dating is your best option. Amy Schoen, the Motivated to Marry coach.


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