Xbox Live Gold games for April 2022: ‘Another Sight’, ‘Hue’, ‘Outpost Kaloki X’, ‘MX vs ATV Alive’


Xbox Live Gold members will have exclusive access to four games for a limited time in April 2022 as part of Games with Gold. The games are “Another Sight“, “Hue“, “Outpost Kaloki X” and “MX vs ATV Alive“.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will also receive all the Games with Gold benefits and access to more than 100 games with Xbox Game Pass. Here are the four games:

Another Sight$29.99April 1-30, 2022This fantasy platform adventure allows players to switch between two characters while exploring the late Victorian era London. The characters, which are the intrepid teen Kit and the mysterious red-furred cat Hodge, rely on each other to traverse the cleverly designed levels.

Packed with historical cameos, the game emphasizes culture and character. It focuses on the emotional development of the relationship between the two protagonists.
Hue$14.99April 16, 2022 – May 15, 2022This platform puzzler lets players unlock a world of colors. The task is to search through a gray world for the mother who has turned an impossible color due to the fracturing of the Annular Spectrum.

Players should find the shards and make obstacles disappear to reveal new pathways and more puzzles. The further the players go, the more colors they unlock and the tougher the task gets.
Outpost Kaloki X$9.99April 1-15, 2022This city-building video game places the players in the role of a manager. The task is to build a financially successful fantasy space station.

Players should visit space voyagers while trying to meet any special victory conditions for the current scenario. To do this, they should analyze the small supply and demand bars next to each of the five types of service buildings available.
MX vs ATV Alive$19.99April 16-30, 2022This off-road racing game lets the players feel total control of their customizable rider and bike with the Rider Reflex. They will enjoy ripping through the mud, sand and snow as they own the competition.

This is for those who want player customization options, varied track designs and aggressive racing. Its overall gameplay is comparable to an arcade-style game.

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