Koci Selamaj biography: 13 things about Eastbourne, East Sussex man


Koci Selamaj is a resident of East Sussex, South East England, England, United Kingdom. Here are 13 more things about him:

Koci Selamaj (©Metropolitan Police Service)
Koci Selamaj (©Metropolitan Police Service)
  1. He lived in an apartment behind a burger takeaway in Eastbourne, East Sussex. (a)
  2. A worker in a newsagents near his apartment in Eastbourne said he would come in to the shop to top up his phone or energy key but he would not make conversation. (b)
  3. He is Bardhosh Selamaj‘s nephew. He was born in Elbasan, Albania. He and his family later moved to Greece. When his parents returned to Albania, he and his siblings stayed in Greece. In 2015, he entered England illegally. (c)
  4. From May 2021 to July 2021, he worked for Domino’s Pizza as a delivery driver. (a)
  5. In July 2021, he started working as a food deliverer using his car. (a)
  6. On November 5, 2018, he married his Ionela Gherghisan, then 42, of Romania. They lived in his apartment in Eastbourne. In August 2021. (a)(c)(d)
  7. Between January 2019 and September 2021, he visited Albania sixt imes. (a)(c)
  8. In August 2021, he throttled Gherghisan in bed because she had missed his phone calls while working a double shift as a cleaner and part-time belly dancer. (d)
  9. On September 17, 2021, he checked in at the five-star Grand Hotel in Eastbourne. That day, he asked Gherghisan to have sex with him in the car park of the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne where she worked but she refused. In the evening, he used a road sign to violently beat Bangladeshi-British primary school teacher Sabina Nessa in Cator Park in Kidbrooke Village, London, England. He hit her over the head with an object before carrying her over his shoulder towards the park where her body was found on September 18, 2021. (a)(b)(e)(f)
  10. He was 36 years old when he was arrested at around 3:00 a.m. on September 26, 2021 at his apartment in Eastbourne. (a)
  11. On September 27, 2021, he was charged with murder. On September 28, 2021, he appeared before District Judge Dennis Brennan at Willesden Magistrates’ Court in London. He was wearing a grey sweater and grey jogging bottoms. An Albanian translator assisted him and his solicitor Aidan Harvey said he intended to plead not guilty. (a)(b)(d)
  12. On December 16, 2021, he accepted responsibility for Nessa’s death but pleaded not guilty to her murder. (g)
  13. On February 25, 2022, he pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey in London to killing Nessa. On April 8, 2022, he was sentenced to life in prison. Justice Sweeney ordered him to serve a minimum of 36 years. (f)


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  1. …so now we put Selemaj in a 3-star prison cell, feed, care for his teeth, eyes, health in the name of humanity. Let the family of Sabina, his victin, discuss his future in a locked room.


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