Complete list of Miss Universe Germany 2022 candidates


Miss Universe Germany 2021 Hannah Seifer, 20, of Düsseldorf, Germany will crown her successor at the Holiday Inn Hotel Düsseldorf-Neuss in Neuss, Germany on July 2, 2022. It is the 13th edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Germany’s Miss Universe candidate.

Currently, Germany has 21 Miss Universe placements including the coronation of Marlene Schmidt in 1961. The most recent one was in 2002 when Natascha Börger finished in the Top 10.


Miss Universe Germany 2019 Miriam Rautert was not able to crown her successor in 2020 due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Seifer was appointed as Germany’s Miss Universe 2021 candidate.

There are 34 women competing for the Miss Universe Germany 2022 title. Here are the candidates:

  1. Agnes Pelzl
  2. Aleksandra Modic
  3. Alexandra Wunderle
  4. Alisia Ludwig
  5. Ana Marie Raguz
  6. Anastasia Nazli
  7. Elena Woitschehofsky
  8. Franciska Acs
  9. Geraldine Burger
  10. Greta Barthel
  11. Jasmin Selberg
  12. Jelena Tontic
  13. Jenny Alina
  14. Jessica Savie
  15. Joelina Linchen
  16. Julia Chen
  17. Liz Limago
  18. Maren Tschinkel
  19. Maria Troito
  20. Mona Schafnitzl
  21. Olivia Libi
  22. Patricia Becker
  23. Pricilla Klein
  24. Roxanna Saiedeh
  25. Sabrina Alessa
  26. Sandra Volk
  27. Sara Brna
  28. Sarah Bauroth
  29. Selina Kriechbaum
  30. Sofia Herari
  31. Soraya Kohlmann
  32. Tami Barg
  33. Valerie Antonieta
  34. Vanessa Brodt

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