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Justin Thomas biography: 13 things about golfer born in Louisville, Kentucky


Justin Thomas is an American professional golfer based in Jupiter, Florida, United States. Nicknamed JT, he was born Justin Louis Thomas in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

Thomas is 5’10” tall and his registered weight is 160 pounds. Here are 13 more things about him:


  1. In 1990, his father Mike Thomas became the head professional at the Harmony Landing Country Club in Goshen, Kentucky.
  2. In August 2009, he played in the Wyndham Championship on the PGA Tour, making him the third youngest golfer to make the cut in a PGA Tour event.
  3. As an amateur golfer, he won the 2010 Terra Cotta Invitational and the 2012 Jones Cup Invitational. In 2011, he graduated from St. Xavier High School in Louisville.
  4. He was a freshman at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA when he won the Haskins Award as the most outstanding collegiate golfer in 2012. In 2013, he made his professional golf debut and he was on the U.S. men’s collegiate golf.
  5. On September 14, 2014, he won the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Championship.
  6. He tied for 18th at the 2015 PGA Championship.
  7. He tied for 32nd at the 2016 US Open, tied for 39th at the 2016 Masters Tournament, tied for 53rd at The Open Championship 2016 and tied for 66th at the 2016 PGA Championship.
  8. He tied for ninth at the 2017 US Open and tied for 22nd at the 2017 Masters Tournament. On August 13, 2017, he won the 2017 PGA Championship in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.
  9. He tied for sixth at the 2018 PGA Championship, tied for 17th at the 2018 Masters Tournament and tied for 25th at the 2018 US Open.
  10. He tied for 11th at The Open Championship 2019 and tied for 12th at the 2019 Masters Tournament.
  11. He finished fourth at the 2020 Masters Tournament and tied for eighth at the 2020 US Open.
  12. He tied for 19th at the 2021 US Open, tied for 21st at the 2021 Masters Tournament and tied for 40th at The Open Championship 2021.
  13. He tied for eighth at the 2022 Masters Tournament. He was 29 years old when he won the 2022 PGA Championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA on May 22, 2022.

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