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5 most beautiful Miss Suomi 2022 candidates


Miss Suomi 2021 Essi Unkuri of Vaasa, Ostrobothnia, Finland will crown her successor on September 17, 2022. It is the 91st edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Finland’s Miss Universe candidate.

Currently, Finland has 18 Miss Universe placements including the coronation of Armi Kuusela in 1952 and Anne Marie Pohtamo in 1975. Kuusela is the first ever Miss Universe.


Representing Finland, Virpi Miettinen, Satu Östring, Harriet Eriksson were all first runner-up in Miss Universe in 1965, 1966 and 1969, respectively. The country’s most recent placement in the international beauty pageant is in 1996 when Lola Odusoga was second runner-up.

There are 20 semifinalists competing for the Miss Suomi 2022 crown. If facial beauty is the only criterion, these will be my Top 5 candidates:


#5. Sheila Da Costa (Tampere)


#4. Nana Partanen (Helsinki)


#3. Ella Kangas (Turku)


#2. Henniina Määttä (Oulu)


#1. Jenna Liiti (Hämeenlinna)

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