Complete list of Miss Elite 2022 candidates


Miss Elite 2021 Fernanda Pumar, 21, of Veracruz, Mexico will crown her successor in Soma Bay on the Red Sea in Egypt on June 10, 2022. It is the second edition of the international beauty pageant.

Phoenicia Group president Stefano Douaihy is the founder of Miss Elite. The competition aims to find the most exceptional representatives to celebrate women’s beauty.


Pumar was crowned Miss Elite 2021 in Soma Bay on May 30, 2021. Maria Zuheros of Spain was first runner-up while Tima Yassin was second runner-up.

There are 36 women competing for the Miss Elite 2022 title. Here are the candidates:

  1. Amel Kader (Algeria)
  2. Caterina Mariana Bernal (Argentina)
  3. Amest Arutyunyan (Armenia)
  4. Valeria Sizova (Australia)
  5. Paula Fernanda Assunção (Brazil)
  6. Peiyu Yao (China)
  7. Brenda Giraldo (Colombia)
  8. Katerina Castkova (Czech Republic)
  9. Maya Adel (Egypt)
  10. Lilia Maksimtchouk (France)
  11. Meldra Rosenberg (Germany)
  12. Erika Terzi (Greece)
  13. Hulda Vigdisardottir (Iceland)
  14. Deep Supriyam (India)
  15. Antonella Caruso (Italy)
  16. Laura Mahash (Kazakhstan)
  17. Maureen Nzisa Peter (Kenya)
  18. Anastasia Aleksejevska (Latvia)
  19. Loulwa Nasser (Lebanon)
  20. Evelyn Alvarez (Mexico)
  21. Sarah Hanifi (Morocco)
  22. Naomi Anene (Nigeria)
  23. Angela Vasilevska (North Macedonia)
  24. Michelle Cuevas (Panama)
  25. Pilar Orue (Peru)
  26. Shanon Tampon (Philippines)
  27. Natalia Drag (Poland)
  28. Laura Sylvia (Romania)
  29. Margarita Savchuk (Russia)
  30. Ljubica Rajkovic (Serbia)
  31. Hibaq Ahmed (Somalia)
  32. Lee Jihye (South Korea)
  33. Ana Garcia (Spain)
  34. Imen Mehani (Tunisia)
  35. Margarita Moffett (USA)
  36. Yanuaria Verde (Venezuela)

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