Careless Music releases Lesha’s ‘3:33’ music video


Lesha has just released her first music video for her single “3:33” under Careless Music. It is her first single under the label.

Directed by Henz, the video features Lesha singing while navigating through a computer-generated imagery (CGI) labyrinth with renowned dance group A-Team also providing visual movement to supplement the story of the video. The conceptualization and execution of a CGI labyrinth was a collaborative effort between her and the Careless Music team.

“It was very collaborative and she was easy to work with,” Henz said of Lesha. “We were on the same page when it came to the vibe of the music video.”


A newly signed Careless Music artist, Lesha expressed her relief when the label took over in producing the video. She was her own director and producer in all of her past music videos.

“I’ve been so used to project managing everything during my previous MV shoots but this time I finally was able to relax a bit and let the team handle things,” Lesha said. “It was so refreshing not having to worry about anything else other than being the talent.”


“3:33” is Lesha’s first collaborative work with Careless Music. She independently produced her music and visuals prior to signing with the label.

“She does everything,” Henz said of Lesha. “She produces her own beats, writes her own lyrics. She knows what she wants and I guess that adds to the authenticity of her songs because it is all her.”

A singer-songwriter and a music producer, Lesha has been making waves in the local music industry since the release of her first song in 2017. Her sound can be described as diverse having influences in electro pop, alternative, hip-hop, jazz, trap and electronic dance music (EDM).

Since the release of Lesha’s first single in 2017, she has released around 12 songs that were composed and produced by her. Prior to joining Careless Music, she already had impressive track record, being the headlining performer for a number of events and festivals that include the YouTube Fanfest, BGC NYE Countdown Party and SM Youth Fashion Show 2019 and the
cover girl of MEGAStyle and STATUS Magazine.

Moreover, Lesha has had many collaborations both locally and globally when it comes to her music such as riddo, Kio Priest, Jonathan Manalo, Arthur Tan, NOT U, Ghauri, and Babbe among others. Watch the music video of Lesha’s song “3:33” here:

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