Salzburg, Austria’s Ismail Naurdiev ready to win BRAVE CF belt in Munich, Germany


Ismail “The Austrian Wonderboy” Naurdiev, 25, of Salzburg, Austria is ready to earn his first belt in BRAVE Combat Federation. The Russian-Austrian mixed martial artist has been competing in the Bahrain-based mixed martial arts promotion since 2021.

Born in Grozny, Chechnya, Russia, Naurdiev moved to Austria with his family in 2004. He made his professional MMA debut in 2012 and competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship from 2019 to 2020.

Naurdiev proved yet again at “BRAVE CF 59” that he has something special. It marked his third fight in BRAVE CF and his second win in the promotion.

In collaboration with Amir Temur Fighting Championship, BRAVE CF held “BRAVE CF 59” at the Amphitheater Bukhara in Bukhara, Uzbekistan on June 18, 2022. It featured 11 MMA bouts.

In the co-main event of the evening, Naurdiev and Bekten Zheenbekov of Batken, Kyrgyzstan competed in the super welterweight. The Russian-Austrian contender captured not only the fight purists’ attention with a near-perfect performance that ended in an electric technical knockout win over his Kyrgyz opponent.


Chatting to BRAVE CF commentator Phil Campbell post-fight, Naurdiev grabbed the microphone, succinctly shared his joy on Uzbekistan’s BRAVE CF debut. The Salzburg resident went on a memorable promo to further prove his point as the number one contender at super welterweight.

“I heard the belt is waiting for me so I am going to get it,” Naurdiev said. “The belt is waiting for daddy and daddy is going to get it.”

“On October 8th in Munich, let’s get it!” Naurdiev continued, referring to BRAVE CF’s upcoming event in Munich, Germany on October 8, 2022. When asked where that ruthless finish came from, he answered, “Because I am the f—–g best, that is why. Where is the question, brother?”


Naurdiev’s “BRAVE CF 59” super welterweight bout was listed as a potential number 1 contender fight for the division’s belt. He grabbed the opportunity with both hands, landing a memorable performance and his first finish for BRAVE CF.

When Naurdiev made his BRAVE CF debut at “BRAVE CF 50” on April 1, 2021, he lost via technical knockout to Jarrah “The Jordanian Lion” Al-Silawi, 29, of Jordan. On September 25, 2021, Naurdiev defeated Olli “The Amazing” Santalahti, 28, of Finland via unanimous decision at “BRAVE CF 54“.

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