7 ways to save money while shopping online


“The best part of ordering stuff online: the packages! It’s like receiving a present every time an order shows up at your door.”

The New York-based writer Jenna Gottlieb very funnily explained the excitement of shopping online and how it has changed our lives.

Shopping is a fun activity that boosts your serotonin levels and gives you extreme happiness and relief from stress. Over the years, the way shopping could be done has changed. With the advent of technology, shopping has also gone digital. Online shopping has become popular over the years because of the amazing offers you can avail yourself of through the comforts of your room.

While online shopping is a fun activity, knowingly or unknowingly you can splurge on things you might not need. To prevent you from extreme indulgence in online shopping, here is a well-curated list of tips:

laptop, notepad (©Nick Morrison)
laptop, notepad (©Nick Morrison)
  1. Make a list.

Be it online shopping or offline, making a list of things you need is always helpful. It gives you a clear idea of stuff that you want. It helps you to prioritize things that are important to buy at the instant and things that just are for indulgence. You save money when you prioritize things on your shopping list. Things that are not important to buy can be added to the wish list on any online store. 

  1. Compare prices on different websites.

Just like street shopping, you can also compare prices on different shopping websites for your favorite products. You can choose from a website that gives you the best price for your product. To save yourself from the hassle of going to every website and comparing prices manually, there are a few websites that will give you the price comparison from different websites for the product of your choice. Websites like,,, and more help you find the lowest price for your favorite products.


  1. Get coupons codes online.

Keeping a track of coupons and cashback offers can help you save a lot of bucks. There are various ways by which you can get coupons and cashback offers. You can avail of offers and codes while buying anything online and use them later for your next purchase. You can also look for coupon codes on trusted websites like sephora coupon code, and many more. Always check for offers while you checkout, you can get many offers on the card or any payment method.


  1. Leave items in your shopping cart.

Once you have prepared your shopping list and you have a long list of products that are not required immediately, you can add those products to your cart. Now, the fun part starts – wait for some time and you will notice a price drop in the product. Also, when you have a product in your cart for a long time, the retailers try to close the deal as soon as possible by offering you amazing discounts on it. Have some patience and you will without any bargaining.


  1. Wait for festive sales.

Festivals are the times when we shop the most – be it clothing, new furniture, or new appliances. So why not score big by saving some bucks? Almost all the shopping websites offer amazing discounts during the festive season like Christmas and New Year’s sales, Diwali sales, Freedom sales and many more. There is a good chance of getting heavy discounts of up to 70-80% during that time. You can buy products that are on the lower side of your priority on the shopping list.


  1. Use multiple payment methods.

There are many offers and discounts on various cards, net banking, and e-Wallet payment methods. It is not always advised to give out all the details of your payment methods, but with secure payment methods, this is a risk worth taking. You can get cashback and coupons using different payment methods. You can earn reward points through different cards and avail of those on your next purchase. 


  1. Create a budget.

Making a budget for your monthly expenditure is a good habit that should be developed by everyone. It helps you keep a track of your spending on various things. While you make a monthly budget, dedicate a particular amount to online shopping and refrain from spending more than that. This will help you save money and stop yourself from spending unnecessarily on things you do not need for the time being. 



We understand that shopping is a fun thing to do, but sometimes we tend to spend more than required. The above-mentioned tips will help you not spend on useless things and get some best deals on your online purchases. The tips are time-saving and assure you of getting the best deals online. Do not be a compulsive buyer but be a smart buyer. 

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