Dios album ‘CASTLE’ includes ‘Virtual Castle’, ‘Darkroom’, ‘Paper Plane’, ‘Bloom’


On June 29, 2022, Dios will release its debut album “CASTLE” on all major digital streaming platforms. The accompanying focus single “Virtual Castle” was released on June 1, 2022.

Dios is a Japanese Pop-R&B influenced band made up of rapper, vocalist and lyricist Tanaka, guitarist Ichika Nito and beatmaker and gaming music composer Sasanomaly. Tanaka is formerly known as Boku no Lyric no Bōyomi while Nito currently helms the crown for the best guitarist in Japan and has over 2 million followers on YouTube.

Ichika Nito, Tanaka, Sasanomaly
Ichika Nito, Tanaka, Sasanomaly

“CASTLE” tells a story of 12 chapters in a castle situated deep in the forest. Universal human emotions are depicted no matter how much the times have changed and no matter how much plague covers the world.

“I created a phantom castle that appears only when you listen to the music,” Tanaka shared. “I like that music can make things that don’t exist, exist and that it can bring the scenery back to life vividly and in an instant.”


Together with Nito’s guitar, the song’s sorrowful sound was influenced by Japanese music legends such as Joe Hisaishi and Ryuichi Sakamoto. With Sasanomaly’s detailed soundscape, a brand new reality is painted in which forests and castles float in the air.

Each single is created individually by exploring different genres. “断面 (Integral)” touches on the layers of love and how humans perceive it, “残像 (Afterimage)” as well as “紙飛行機 (Paper Plane)” cover the passage of time and of how we cannot control our memories.


Released in November 2021, the single “ダークルーム(Darkroom)” questions safety and happiness if we were to stay in a place with no stimulation. The single has catapulted the band’s international popularity.

Other previously singles such as “Theater” has become instrumental in being the main theme song to the Japanese TV drama “Upper and Lower Relationships”. The album’s focus single “Virtual Castle” is an electronic dark pop dance tune, one that is very much attuned to Dios’ music technicality with it’s melody line created by Sasanomaly, who has a deep knowledge of game music and is an active vocaloid.

Heavily influenced by various cultures including music and literature, “CASTLE” is a record that shows Dios’s vision of music as art. The band’s members are three artists with completely different music sensibilities experimenting in different musical genres, weaved together as one band, resulting in the trajectory of the band’s listening experience that has culminated over the past two years.


On the band’s synergy as three individual artists working together as a band. Nito said, “In the music we create, there is such a wide range in tone of the songs.”

“It is hard to believe they were made by a single band so I think there is something in our work for everyone to enjoy,” Nito continued. “Furthermore, Dios is a collective of three people trying to step out from everything that binds them and who are in search of freedom. That’s also why our debut single was ‘Runaway’ and the positivity that came with running from where you are.”

Included in “CASTLE” are Dios’s past hit singles “Darkroom”, “Paper Plane” and “Bloom”. The band will also embark on a five-city summer already sold-out live concert tour in Japan.

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