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A guide to maximizing home privacy with blinds


Having window blinds will considerably improve your privacy and keep it away from glares. Your home is supposed to be your safe place where you keep your privacy locked away.

Curious eyes may take a peek into your life from time to time, and it is never pleasant when this happens. Sometimes, this may turn into an invasion of privacy and you can never know someone’s intentions. Here is a guide on how to maximize your home’s privacy by installing blinds:


Horizontal blinds 

There are different types of blinds you can find on the market. Besides vertical blinds and shutters, among the most popular models are horizontal blinds, which may ensure privacy, functionality and visual effect. With just a few small adjustments to the slats’ angles, you will be able to ensure your increased privacy. All you need to do is to turn the slats up but do not close them completely so someone from the outside can only see your ceiling but not you directly. This technique is efficient because it gives you both privacy and daylight.

By tilting the slats up with light-colored blinds, you will enable them to throw daylight further into your room. This method called daylighting help illuminates your space, provides your home with more light and improves your home’s energy efficiency. It has a positive impact on your overall health. Put enough effort to the fitting of blinds because these can significantly contribute to your home’s aesthetics.



You can control the shutter louvers separately so you can open the top half and keep the bottom half closed. If you have horizontal blinds, you can use the previously mentioned method and turn the louvers up so that outsiders can only see your ceiling. If you are standing too close to the blind or shutter, outsiders will still be able to see you. For the best privacy levels, shutters should be closed and louvers tilted fully up. When the louver edges are horizontal, you can see in and light comes in at the same time. Slightly tilt them up to protect your privacy and let light in.


Vertical blinds 

These are a bit different from other blind types. When vertical blinds or vanes are opened 90 degrees, you can see out and the outdoors can see in. For increased privacy, turn the vanes at 45 degrees or even less, so if you are inside, you will not be seen. However, whenever you walk past the window or stand near it, you will be seen. 


Roller shades 

Roller shades offer complete privacy. All you need to do is to roll it down over the window and everything coming from the outdoors will be blocked. The same goes for your insides. Outsiders will not be able to see anything coming from inside your house.



Draperies may offer you the fullest blockage because they protect your privacy to the fullest and block out light. An average home loses over 30% of its energy every year. It is like you have thrown your money out of the window. Draperies will block heat leaks and will soundproof your space. With the benefits of complete coverage and soundproofing properties, your privacy will be completely ensured. 



You can customize the size of the slats for the best results. The smaller the slats, the better the results. When using smaller ones for your blinds, there would be less room for outsiders to peek inside. Another upgrade is Light-Ban, which will remove cord holes on the blinds and will increase the sense of privacy even more. 


One of the top priorities when choosing the best blinds for your home is definitely privacy. If your home is facing the street, you need to take into consideration all the different factors, starting from the type of window to the type of blinds you will use. Small tricks and minimal adjustments can give you more privacy in no time. 

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