Thanaree Scheerlinck biography: 10 things about Miss Supranational Belgium 2022


Thanaree Scheerlinck is a Thai-Cambodian-Belgian beauty queen. Here are 10 more things about her:


  1. She was born in Isan, Thailand to a Cambodian father and a Thai mother. She was raised Buddhist.
  2. She lives in Wemmel, Flemish Brabant, Belgium.
  3. She works as a hairdresser at Cocoon in Meise, Flemish Brabant. She is also a freelance beautician.
  4. In 2003, her biological parents and her younger brother died in a car accident. Following their deaths, she grew up with relatives.
  5. In 2007, she was adopted by a Belgian couple and she moved from Thailand to Belgium.
  6. On September 20, 2020, she was crowned Miss Vlaams-Brabant 2021.
  7. On March 31, 2021, she competed against 32 other candidates at Miss Belgium 2021 at the Plopsaland Theatre in De Panne, Belgium. She was runner-up to Kedist Deltour.
  8. On May 7, 2022, she competed at Miss Exclusive 2022 at Sotto’s Zottegem in Zottegem, Belgium. She ranked second, winning the Miss Exclusive Fire 2022 title.
  9. She was 26 years old when she was crowned Miss Supranational Belgium 2022.
  10. On July 15, 2022, she will represent Belgium at Miss Supranational 2022 and compete against 69 other candidates at the Strzelecki Park Amphitheater in Nowy Sącz, Małopolska, Poland.

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