5 reasons to hire a motor vehicle accident lawyer


In the United States, 32 people die in drunk-driving crashes every day. In 2020, 11,654 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes in the country, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The types of vehicles operated, travel speeds, licensure rates, state traffic rules, availability of emergency medical services weather, and topography are just a few of the variables that can impact the number of fatal motor vehicle accidents.

An auto accident may cause bodily or mental injuries and uncertainty about how to proceed. After an accident, you might wonder if hiring a lawyer is essential. An accident lawyer is integral for compensation and ensuring your rights are upheld throughout the claim process. There are other benefits of hiring a lawyer in cases of motor vehicle accidents. Read this article to learn more on various motor vehicle accident statistics and how an attorney can help you in case of an accident. 

crushed car (©Clark Van Der Beken)
crushed car (©Clark Van Der Beken)

How can an attorney help?

When you employ a lawyer, you also hire all the resources to which they have access. This means that a team of lawyers will work on your case, medical professionals will assess your injuries and financial specialists will estimate your damages. Experienced lawyers usually spend years creating their network so you won’t need to look for these resources. Other benefits of a lawyer include:


Negotiating with insurance companies

Dealing with insurance companies without legal support might lead to poor and unfair compensation. An experienced attorney would know how to negotiate with insurance companies. They can read the clauses of an insurance policy’s terms that apply to coverage, exclusions and limits since they are familiar with the insurance regulations that could impact your accident case. 


Good knowledge of the law

Unless you have received specialized legal training, you may not be aware of the laws that apply to your particular circumstances, such as comparative blame and the statute of limitations for a personal injury claim. A lawyer can assist you in determining the pertinent laws and legal concerns related to your incident and how the local judicial system applies those laws. The likelihood that you will win your case and receive the full compensation for your injuries increases when you retain the services of an injury lawyer.


Determining compensation

A proficient attorney can help determine the compensation to which an injured individual is entitled. A knowledgeable attorney will ensure the victim is compensated for their costs associated with medical care, missed wages or income, pain and suffering, car repairs, physical treatment, loss of consortium and other problems.


Supporting claim with evidence

The strength of your auto accident claim depends on the evidence you can offer. Your attorney will gather enough proof linking the injuries to the accident by thoroughly examining your accident. If necessary, this proof will be used in court to support your claim and insurers. A qualified expert can also evaluate whether a car flaw contributed to the accident.


Filing a court case

Your attorney will explain your settlement choices to you to resolve the case outside court. If the negotiations outside of court do not go as anticipated, your attorney will assist you in filing your case and ensure all required paperwork is submitted. They will provide you with outstanding legal counsel in court, respond to all inquiries on your behalf and keep you informed of the proceedings as they progress through stages. The attorney will systematically present all the evidence and employ strategies to boost your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries.


A lawyer is considerably better qualified to secure you the money you deserve. They are skilled in insurance negotiation, know how to watch for injuries, and have a thorough understanding of the law. You risk losing money if you attempt to bargain on your own or accept the first settlement offer. When you employ a lawyer, rest assured that they have the commitment, motivation and resources to help you get the most out of your case.

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