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6 things to consider when buying presents for others’ kids


When it comes to buying gifts for other people’s children, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind. Aside from considering the parents’ tastes and preferences, you should choose something meaningful and sentimental to the child and the parents so that they can remember and cherish it. 

However, the unspoken rules and regulations surrounding buying children’s gifts don’t stop there. In this article, we will discuss all the different things you need to consider when buying presents for kids.

Angela Lee, Eduard Folayang, Wei Soo, Brandon Vera with children of Tondo, Manila, Philippines
Angela Lee, Eduard Folayang, Wei Soo, Brandon Vera with children of Tondo, Manila, Philippines


Pregnancy is an exciting time for expecting mothers and some of them like to keep the gender of their child a surprise until the birth. As exciting as this can be for the expectant mother, it can be quite the stress for friends and family who come bearing gifts for the baby.

Rather than relying on old wives’ tales and myths surrounding the gender of the child, it’s best to not jump the gun and assume the gender. For this reason, it’s a good idea to go neutral as neutral gifts keep everyone happy. Some parents may have cultural differences as to what their children can wear with regard to their gender. If you have a look online, you’ll find plenty of gorgeous gift ideas that suit either gender. 



When buying presents for toddlers and grade-schoolers, you have to make sure that it is age-appropriate. A toy that is meant for a toddler may not be suitable for an older child.

You can find guidelines online if you’re unsure of the different developmental stages of a child. Once you have one or two examples of gifts for a child at each age, it’s quite easy to have a play around yourself with some ideas so that you can put your own unique personal touch to it.



Knowing what the child likes can help you choose a present that they will enjoy and appreciate. If the child enjoys playing outside, consider buying them a new outdoor toy or piece of equipment, such as a tricycle or a football.

Depending on the age of the child, it’s always worth asking the parents if there are any limitations on what they can and can’t play with. This can be challenging if you want to surprise both the child and the parents. In this case, you can find clues from the parents’ social media pages or get information from other family members.



Be sure to set a budget before you start shopping for a present for a kid. This will help you stay within your means and avoid purchasing items that are too expensive for kids that are too young to appreciate such items. 

By shopping around and comparing items online, you can usually find them a lot cheaper than what you would in a store. Look on comparison sites if you have an item in mind. There are many resale apps available to download where you can find gifts that have only been used once or twice but are still as good as new and are being sold for only a fraction of the original price.

At the end of the day, whether or not you can afford it, buying expensive gifts for a child is not always a good idea. The child may expect you to give something even more expensive next time and may not appreciate less expensive gifts given by others.


Allergies and sensitivities

Take into account any allergies or sensitivities the child may have to make sure that the present you give them will not trigger anything. If the child has a peanut allergy and you are giving something edible, you have to double-check and not assume that the product you are giving does not contain peanuts.

If you aren’t that familiar with the child you’re giving the gift to, have a look online at various food allergies in children and asking the parents if their child is sensitive to any of the listed allergy categories. From here, the parents can advise you before you make any potential mistakes. 



Keep in mind the occasion for which you are buying the present. This can help you narrow down your choices and choose a gift that is contextually appropriate. What is appropriate for you may not be appropriate for the child’s parents. If you are buying a present for a child’s christening and you’ve never attended a christening before, it’s worth asking around as to what an appropriate gift would be for this occasion.


By taking into account all of these elements, you can ensure that you purchase a gift that is perfect for the child and within your budget. Don’t stress too much if you’re reading this and still haven’t a clue as to what gift to buy. As long as the thought is there, that’s all that matters.

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