Dixie Fire in California: How can a lawyer help you get a good settlement offer?

In July 2021, air-quality alerts were issued due to smoke from the Dixie Fire in California, United States, the second-largest fire in the state’s history. The fire traveled thousands of miles to New York, USA and other areas of the East Coast in combination with smoke from fires in the American West and Canada. It was a reminder that state boundaries are meaningless to the environmental effects of climate change for individuals living a continent away.

California is prone to droughts and floods and climate change accelerates these normal cycles. Record-breaking heat waves have brought disastrous droughts in the past 10 years. Eight of the 10 largest wildfires in the state occurred in the previous five years, causing significant personal and monetary damage to residents, houses, farms and the tourism industry.


What was the cause of the Dixie Fire?

According to Cal Fire, a tree striking an electrical distribution system owned and run by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is said to be the cause of the Dixie Wildfires. The Butte County District Attorney’s Office reportedly received the investigative findings.

The Dixie Fire burnt about a million acres, destroying more than 1,300 homes and more than 100 businesses. PG&E has already stated that their equipment may have been at fault for past fires. It entered a guilty plea to 84 charges of involuntary manslaughter for a fire in 2018 that came dangerously close to destroying the town.

Some of California’s most significant and destructive wildfires have been caused by PG&E. Lightning, dry vegetation and weather have been a few factors in some of California’s most catastrophic wildfires. Others are linked to utility corporations and human error. The Slope Fire, the Camp Fire, the Freedom Fire and the North Bay Fires have all been linked to PG&E. With 86 confirmed deaths, the CampFire was the state’s deadliest wildfire ever.


How much does it cost to hire a Dixie Fire attorney?

If the Dixie Fire affected you or a loved one, get in touch with a skilled California fire lawyer to learn about Dixie Fire compensation and comprehend your legal choices. Whether you live on rentals or own your property, you shouldn’t be forced to pay the price for wildfires started by careless electricity companies. You ought to receive compensation for your losses.

Fire lawsuit experts can defend you. Due to their extensive background in fire litigation, these attorneys have great ties with qualified fire specialists who can assist your case to get the best outcomes possible. Most lawyers operate on a contingency fee, which means you are not charged for legal counsel until you win the case. After winning, you will pay straight out of the settlement award received. Here is a list of things you may be eligible for:

  • wrongful death from fire or smoke
  • expensive evacuation
  • hospitalization
  • long-term health effects
  • serious burns
  • other serious personal injury
  • psychological impact
  • structure loss
  • home loss
  • damage to timber/trees
  • erosion
  • damage to animals/pets
  • damage to landscaping
  • vegetation loss
  • economic loss
  • significant property damage
  • agriculture loss
  • business loss
  • damage to infrastructure
  • business interruption
  • underinsured property
  • smoke damage
  • damage from soot and ash
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Assistance
  • utility and other service interruptions
  • housing market impacts

What should local residents and landowners do after a wildfire?

Keep up with evacuation orders and alerts if you live close to an area where a wildfire is raging. Your and your loved ones’ safety is the most crucial thing.

If the fire damaged or destroyed a property of any of the landowners, homeowners and residents property after it was contained, they might be eligible to seek compensation from their insurance coverage. The size of your losses, the damage you experienced, your age, your income and several other factors will all affect the worth of your insurance claim or lawsuit.

While receiving reasonable financial compensation from the at-fault party or an insurance provider might help your family manage related costs, money can’t make up for the physical and emotional devastation a wildfire brings. In a case involving the Dixie Fire, you can be qualified for damages for the following losses:

  • medical expenses (past and future)
  • incapacity or deformity
  • lost income
  • lost commercial revenue
  • damage to property
  • distress and suffering
  • trauma-related stress disorder
  • benefits in case of death
  • punitive harm

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