BMSG’s BE:FIRST releases ‘Scream’ music video before ‘BE:1’ album

Kamimura Leo, Mayama Ryoki, Kuroda Ryuhei, Hirose Manato, Shimao Sota, Kubo Shunto, Ikagame Junon
Kamimura Leo, Mayama Ryoki, Kuroda Ryuhei, Hirose Manato, Shimao Sota, Kubo Shunto, Ikagame Junon

Japanese boy band BE:FIRST‘s single “Scream” was released along with its music video on July 25, 2022. The seven-member dance and vocal group’s debut album “BE:1” will be released on August 31, 2022.

BE:FIRST is a dance and vocal group is signed to BMSG, the management company and label of Japanese rapper “SKY-HI” Mitsuhiro Hidaka, 35. The group has seven members namely Ikagame Junon, 24, Kamimura Leo, 23, Mayama Ryoki, 23, Shimao Sota, 21, Hirose Manato, 21, Kubo Shunto, 18, and Kuroda Ryuhei, 15.


Produced by the power duo of SUNNY BOY and Maxx Song, “Scream” is an intense, exhilarating dance track that shows a challenging new side of BE:FIRST. SUNNY BOY is known for songs for artists including SKY-HI, BTS, BLACKPINK, BIGBANG, 2NE1, Namie Amuro and Daichi Miura while Song is a producer behind several K-pop artists and groups including BoA, Red Velvet and TWICE.

“Scream” features lyrics by SKY-HI that proclaims the dawn of a new era, perfectly fitting for the lead single from BE: FIRST’S album “BE:1”. Its music video is based on the idea of returning to the new normal in a world where self-restraint and other limitations still continue.


The music video interprets the title as a thirst for liberation and energy with visuals that show the catharsis of loudly screaming one’s desires. It features the story of the BE:FIRST members overcoming the oppressive world of walls, rules and fear to face the future and advance to the highest stage.

The dance elements for the video were choreographed by s**t kingz member Kazuki, who took first place in the leading U.S. dance contest BODY ROCK in 2010 and 2011. Watch it here:


Released in November 2021, BE:FIRST’s debut single “Gifted” hit number 1 on the Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 and reached nuber 1 on the United States Billboard Hot Trending Songs 24-hour chart. The group’s second single “Bye-Good-Bye” also topped the Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 and its music video has received over 25 million views on YouTube. 

BE:FIRST’s official YouTube account has already surpassed an astonishing 200 million views. In addition to music videos, dance practice videos and livestreams, the channel also features the ‘You’re My “BESTY”’ series, which shows a glimpse of each member’s unique character and natural vibes.


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