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Louis Edward Flood biography: 13 things about Boise, Idaho man


Louis Edward Flood is a white man from Idaho, United States. Here are 13 more things about him:


  1. He hails from Boise, Idaho.
  2. Aside from Boise, he has lived in other parts of Idaho including Eagle.
  3. He has lived in different parts of Oregon, USA including Bly and Lakeview.
  4. He previously lived in Hemet, California, USA; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and Roseau, Minnesota, USA.
  5. He is 5’6″ tall. His registered weight is 150 pounds.
  6. On October 9, 1997, he was convicted of lewd conduct with a minor child under 16 and sexual abuse of a child under the age of 16 years. He was sentenced to serve 18 years in prison.
  7. In 2001, he was released on parole. He neither maintained contact with his assigned parole officer nor registered as a sex offender. After a warrant was issued for his arrest, authorities could not locate him. 
  8. In 2011, he was featured in an episode of “America’s Most Wanted“.
  9. On June 13, 2022, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) received information that he was living in an assisted living facility in Creston, British Columbia, Canada under a fake name. The RCMP reached out to the Idaho State Corrections, the Idaho State Police and the U.S. Marshall Service. Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) was also contacted for a removal warrant for him.
  10. On July 21, 2022, CSBA remanded him to the Okanagan Correctional Centre in Oliver, British Columbia.
  11. On July 25, 2022, he was extradited from Canada and the U.S. Marshall Service Fugitive Transport took custody of him.
  12. He was 77 years old when he returned to the U.S. on July 25, 2022. He was booked into the Snohomish County Jail in Everett, Washington, USA.
  13. He will be transported back to Idaho where he will serve the remaining 13 years of his sentence.

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